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Demetrious Johnson Says He’s “One of the Best Flyweights to Ever Walk this Planet Earth”

It may have been a long time, but former UFC flyweight champion and ONE champion Demetrius Johnson is ready to claim to be one of the best flyweights of all time.

“I’ll admit that I’m one of the best flyweights to ever walk the earth. Yeah, 1000 percent, I’ll say that,” Johnson told ONE’s media rally about Prime Video’s open workouts this week. tell reporters.

“As for the greatest of all time, with Jon Jones, Khabib [Nurmagomedov], all those guys, I’ll leave it to the community,” Johnson added. “But no lightweight guy has done what I’ve done and imposed his will or his game. I really believe. The statistics speak for themselves, even in the US and here. “

Johnson is back in Singapore for a rematch with Adriano Moraes, who shocked the world by beating Johnson in their first encounter last year. Johnson has since defeated Muay Thai legend Rod Don in a special rules bout and will now take home another ONE Championship gold medal.

Before the match, Johnson had said he was focusing more on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu these days. Clarifying the comments, Mighty Mouse explained, “Preparing for a fight becomes redundant and monotonous, especially when you’re fighting the same person again, right? There’s only so much you can watch that person and research. So For me, I found a great fighting gym at home, Professor Yan, GRPL club.”

Johnson, who had the opportunity to hone his jiu-jitsu skills in front of him, said he began to substitute some other training for fighting. “I started doing more fighting than going to the gym and lifting weights and doing cardio. Because I never got tired in a fight. So instead of saying ‘Okay, let’s go to the gym and get our heart rate up to 185 per minute Next, Monday morning, Tuesday morning and Friday morning, ‘I’d say ‘Okay, why don’t we just switch it to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?'”

As Johnson goes on to point out, “It’s more practical for what I do in MMA.”

Despite predicting a knockout game in the past, and the outcome of the pair’s opening match, Johnson saw no hostility in the rematch. That’s normal for the fighters in Washington, who explained that he always has other things to focus on, from family to T-shirt design to streaming on Twitch.

“I’ll show up, fight, get out there, give it my all, and then, move on to the next one.”

Watch the full ONE Open Workout scrum on Prime Video with Demetrious Johnson.


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