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DeAnna Bennett Gets Emotional, Opens Up on Team Welcoming Her

In Friday’s Bellator 284 for the second straight game, DeAnna Bennett defeated Justine Kish.

In an odd pairing, Bennett fought back-to-back with Kish, although Kish himself had a fight with Illima-Ray McFarlane. As she did in the pair’s first game, Bennett (13-7-1) walked away with a unanimous decision.

Not that she’s completely satisfied with her performance.

“Not good. Not at all. The fact that it was 29-28 seconds and I didn’t finish the race, it’s not that I’m happy with the performance of the race,” Bennett told Cageside Press, including Cageside Press, after the game. ‘s media. “There’s a lot of things I haven’t done and I don’t want to see my coach right now, that scumbag meant to rob me because I didn’t necessarily do what he told me, so I’m pretty sure he’ll use it later Cushions beat me. “

“Obviously it felt good to get that win, but it wasn’t the performance I wanted and it didn’t represent my performance as a fighter,” she continued. “So I’m disappointed in myself. A few shots of tequila should improve my mood, but I’ll be back at the gym on Monday and trying to be better next time.”

Kish missed the weight of the game, but that wasn’t something that particularly bothered Bennett. “We talked about this at the weigh-in yesterday, and I understand. I don’t believe she was malicious; I don’t know the circumstances behind this, but she apologized for it, so I wouldn’t disagree with her at all.”

After the fight, Bennett made comments about always being yelled at. Is that an internet troll, or a trainer trying to motivate her? All of the above, she told Cageside Press.

“Just all of the above. Just because I’m a weird, clumsy guy who does a lot of ridiculous things. So I think the first thing people say to me is ‘Come on DeAnna, what’s wrong with you? Pull your ass out, what are you doing? Come on, hurry in! That’s my way of life,” she explained. “My trainer was really pissed off because I said ‘Friday fisting’ so if you saw his face he was like ‘You’re kidding me, are you really just saying that?!?’ Yes Yeah, I said it again. They were really pissed off and I’m pretty sure they’re going to leave me behind today.”

Bennett was clearly joking, but at the same time became emotional when discussing what her team meant to her, especially after her dog passed away during the battle camp.

“It means the world to me, they made me a part of the team. In Philly, this is such a special team, I’m just a little weirdo, I don’t know why I’m crying, sorry. But every day I Both go to the gym and I’m so happy to be there because they tolerate me and be part of their team. So I want this win because I don’t want to let them down. They have such a strong team and family and they welcome me You have no idea what that means to me.”

Watch the full Bellator 284 post-race press conference with DeAnna Bennet above.


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