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Danni Menzies, star of A Place In The Sun, stuns in a tiny bikini, flaunting her famous figure.

Danni Menzies of A Place In The Sun was dubbed “out of this world” after posting a sultry bikini photo to celebrate an Instagram milestone.

The presenter thanked her fans but joked that she had “noooooooo idea” why she had so many.

She commemorated the occasion by posting a stunning photo of herself wearing a revealing blue two-piece that made fans swoon.

Danni was pictured stretched out by the sea, knees bent, back gracefully arched, arms flung over her head.

Fans appreciated the steamy snap

(Image: danni.menzies/Instagram)

She wore a tiny bikini that flaunted her flat stomach, sensational curves, and long legs.

As she soaked up the sun’s rays, Danni’s head was flung to one side, her blonde hair spilling around her face.

She wrote, “It appears that I’ll be joining the 100 club today.” “I’m not sure why you’re here, but I appreciate it.”

“Side note: this pic is why we all need a (yoga emoji) telling us how to pose @tamarayasinyoga,” the TV personality continued.

Danni has amassed plenty of fans on Instagram

(Image: https://www.instagram.com/danni.menzies/)

“#mykonos,” “#100k,” and “#strikeapose” were among her hashtags.

Within the first hour of sharing the photo, Danni had racked up well over 1,000 likes.

One fan called the photo “divine,” while another said she looked “perfect” in it.

“With all due respect,” someone else said, “that’s not a bad view.”

“Honestly Danni, you are out of this world,” one person said.

The star has been on the show since 2016

(Image: danni.menzies/Instagram)

“Wherever you are, I hope you’re having an amazing time.”

“Phew now that is sizzling,” said someone else.

“No chance to date you, you’re too beautiful and have men vying for your attention,” one fan wrote.

In 2016, Danni became a part of the A Place In The Sun presenting team.

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