Dan Fogelman, the creator of ‘This Is Us,’ was well aware of one reason why copycat shows failed.

The sixth season of This Is Us ended on May 24. Other producers tried to replicate its success with other ensemble family dramas over the course of those six seasons. Council of Dads, Almost Family, and The Kids Are All Right were among the short-lived shows. Only A Million Little Things was a series that lasted for several seasons. Dan Fogelman, the creator of This Is Us, believes he has figured it out.

On August 1, Fogelman spoke on a panel for This Is Us Season 2 at the Television Critics Association. 2017 is number three. Fogelman wasn’t concerned about copycats because he had already been confronted with the issue. He was well aware that This Is Us possessed a dark side.

Not even Dan Fogelman can copy ‘This Is Us’

This Is Us, according to Fogelman, is a unique show. By the second season, he was well on his way to telling the entire Pearson family story, from the triplets’ childhood to their parents’ deaths. He’d eventually complete his six-season plan, but Fogelman admits he couldn’t do it again.

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Dan Fogelman Plans to Release ‘This Is Us’ Finale Deleted Scene

Fogelman admitted, “It’s tough.” “Getting someone to laugh at a scene and then feel something, be moved by a scene is a difficult thing to achieve.” That’s something I’ve been pursuing my entire career, with varying degrees of success and failure. As a result, I believe that will be a difficult task to accomplish.”

‘This Is Us’ has 1 asset other shows do not 

This Is Us’ success isn’t credited to Fogelman. He does, after all, have a team of talented writers who contributed to the Pearsons’ story. This Is Us did have one advantage over its imitators, according to Fogelman.

“The reason it works here and will be difficult for others to copycat is that they don’t have these eight guys,” Fogelman explained. “We’ve signed a contract with them and secured their services.” This is made possible by the cast.”

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Sterling K. and Fogelman sat on the TCA panel with him. Brown, Justin Hartley, Chrissy Metz, Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Susan Kelechi Watson, Chris Sullivan, and Ron Cephas Jones are among the actors who have starred in the film.

The cast sold it for six seasons 

When the first season of This Is Us was a smash hit, TV writers came up with a slew of theories as to why the show was so popular. It was the autumn of 2016, and the election season was tumultuous. It was as simple as the talented cast selling the emotion he and the This Is Us writers gave them, Fogelman thought.

“I get a lot of questions about our political climate and how we’ve been able to keep this show going,” Fogelman said. “I don’t know why, but I think people enjoy watching these eight guys play these eight characters.” More than that, I don’t think it’s worth analyzing. “I believe the main reason is that we all do our jobs and stay out of their way.”

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