Crypto broker Voyager Digital LTD Lowered Daily withdrawal limits to $10k

The news is that the cryptocurrency market value has fallen sharply as the market has been hit by inflation, banks have raised interest rates, and the shortage of liquidity has left some companies engaged in cryptocurrency trading, such as crypto broker voyager digital, running out of funds due to the cryptocurrency market The market crisis caused by the crash is holding back investors’ funds as their assets have fallen in value. Investors get nothing in return, and if they sell their assets at low prices now, crypto investors will lose outright. During the same run, cryptocurrency brokerage Voyager Digital Ltd also lowered the daily withdrawal limit from $25,000 worth to $10,000, as the news was announced from the cryptocurrency brokerage’s official website, continue reading below from Get Paragraph from India News for a more detailed explanation of this current issue.

Crypto broker Voyager Digital LTD Lowered Daily withdrawal limits to k

The sum of their investments, the value of this cryptocurrency exchange has dropped to a minimum value level, up to 50% losses in some cryptocurrencies, and companies that act as cryptocurrency exchanges are desperate for funds to meet their customers’ financial needs, which makes Cryptocurrency brokerage Voyager Digital Ltd has lowered the daily withdrawal limit from $25,000 to $10,000, a change decided after Wednesday’s event because Subsidiary of Voyager Digital Ltd gave Three Arrow Capital Ltd a pre-determined legal notice for failing to pay Voyager Digital Ltd’s loan as voyager digital Ltd did not disclose the issue prior to media questions but now it is taking legal action action.

According to the company’s official statement, they are facing an economic slowdown, which also affects the company’s revenue and economic support. Companies have had to take these major steps to get their money back in these uncertain market conditions, and with inflation and the economic crisis hitting the crypto market the most, the situation isn’t getting better anytime soon. Therefore, they are in a financial crisis to pay their customers over the long term. The total crypto value of Voyager Digital Ltd with Three Arrow Capital Ltd is 15250 BTC The huge amount of money that Voyager Digital Ltd wants to use to fund its clients, including 15250 BTC in amounts close to $310 million and $350 million dollar coin dollar cryptocurrency.

Voyager Digital Ltd, a New Jersey-based crypto brokerage, said it initially requested a small $25 million in cryptocurrency by June 24, but received no response, and later requested the full amount by June 27. . None of Three Arrows Capital Ltd made any requests. Voyager Digital Ltd officials are discussing seeking legal remedies to recover the stranded amount. Earlier this month, voyager Voyager Digital Ltd signed a financial agreement with Alameda Ventures Ltd to seek additional financial support in response to client funding needs.

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