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Courteney Cox, Laura Dern getting matching tattoos with their kids

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Courteney Cox, Laura Dern get tattoos with kids

Call it “everyone has a matching tattoo”.

Friends star Courteney Cox and longtime pal Laura Dern cemented their relationship with matching tattoos — and their kids joined in the fun.

In a photo on Instagram Ships WednesdayThe entire team showed off a joint design with thin lines, including a paper airplane next to the words ‘go long’.

While most of the crew — including Cox, 58, Dern, 55, and Dern’s children Ellery, 21, and Jaya, 18 — opted to get tattoos on their arms, Cox’s daughter Coco, 18, tattooed herself Got a tattoo. Upper back.

“Adding a new layer to our 16-year Christmas Eve tradition,” Cox jokingly captioned the photos, “Watch out…we might have sleeves by 2025.”

Courteney Cox and Laura Dern have the same tattoos as their kids
Courteney Cox and Laura Dern celebrate Christmas with their children every year.

Dern shares Jaya and Ellery with her ex-husband, musician Ben Harper, while Cox shares her ex-husband, actor David A. David Arquette shares Coco.

Well-known friends of the two stars, including Reese Witherspoon, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jennifer Meyer and Sarah Foster, took to the comments to share their endorsement of the ink.

“Is Laura Dern just one of those celebs who befriends everyone?” asked one curious commentator.

Another asked if “go long” was an homage to “Friends,” asking “Is this referring to Friends from the Thanksgiving football game?”

Laura Dern and Courteney Cox
The buddies cemented a 16-year friendship through ink coordination.
Getty Images

But some felt family ink was inappropriate, with one person commenting: “It’s not mine. Take a picture, frame it, hang it up. See its timeless perfection and pass it on to your family.”

Famous tattoo artist Scott CampbellOnce married to actress Lake Bell, was the driving force behind Matchmaking. He reposted the photo on his Instagram Story with the caption, “I love these people.”

Maybe next vacation, the gang will be back for more body art.

Courtney Cox and Laura Dern
The ’90s stars have been friends for years.
todd williamson

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