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Cory McKenna Returns to Win Column with Von Flue Submission of Miranda Granger

Cory McKenna and Miranda Granger, UFC Vegas 59 weigh-in points: Alex Behunin/Cageside Press

Strawweights Miranda Granger and Cory McKenna are both looking to get back into the victories at UFC Vegas 59 on Saturday.

although Dana White’s Contender Collection Alumnus McKenna, who beat Kay Hansen in her 2020 publicity debut, faltered her return after a long absence, dropping her bid against Elise Reed at UFC London last March Divergent decision.

Granger’s situation was even tougher, with two straight losses on Saturday.

Granger had a clear advantage in length and reach with McKenna hitting the door with his right hand early Saturday. Granger took a low kick, but McKenna closed the distance again, leaning Granger against the fence and eventually knocking the ball down. Granger did show up, only McKenna lifted her up and put her back away from the fence. From there, McKenna started playing half-back, looking for contributions including Von Flue, and had plenty of control time in the game.

Within 30 seconds, McKenna won the second round. Granger briefly grabbed McKenna by the neck, but was unable to grab it. Instead, Cory McKenna sank in Von Flue, this time forcing a tap!

Official result: Cory McKenna def. Submitted by Miranda Granger (Von Flue choke), Round 2, 1:03


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