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Cory McKenna Heard Granger Yell At Corner, Will Take “Things As They Come”

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — After finishing Saturday night at UFC Vegas 59, strawweight Corey McKenna spoke about the first Von Flue choke score in UFC women’s MMA history.

“At first I thought ‘Okay, here I am, I’ll give it a try’. Worst case I get rid of her clutching my neck,” McKenna told Cage during her postgame brawl German Press and other media.

“Then I heard her corner freak out and I heard her breathing getting heavier. Then she was in the corner yelling ‘I’m going out! “. I was like, “Oh, this is so deep!” “Yes. I’ve never done Von Flue before.”

Granger yelled in her corner that she was trying to get out of the submission, and McKenna knew she was suffocating.

“I figured if there was something that definitely made me squeeze it harder.”

To counter his opponent’s height and reach advantage, McKenna employed a knockout strategy that involved hitting the ball close and knocking the opponent down. Once she’s taken down, it’s nearly impossible for Granger to get back up.

“I feel like I’ve always had a pretty good strength advantage. Since I was 15, I’ve been very focused on my strength and conditioning. I work with Powering Through in my hometown, so I’m lucky to have someone of such a high level Support me,” McKenna said.

McKenna was barely affected, which usually means a fighter will be ready to come back soon, but she’s not ready for a quick turn.

“I’m going to relax with my team tonight, walk away, and watch the game. It’s just one round and a little bit, but I’m sure there’s a lot of work to be done. Always. It’s going to be at least a few weeks. Make the improvements that need to be made,” McKenna said.

“Then I’m sure I’ll sit down with the coaches and see what they’ve got for us and look from there, but there’s no real idea at the moment. As long as things come, just go with the flow.”

Watch the full UFC Vegas 59 postgame press conference featuring Cory McKenna.


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