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Conor McGregor Accused of Assaulting Guest on Yacht in July 2022 Incident

Mayweather-McGregor International Press Conference, Toronto, Budweiser Arena. Credit: Mike McClory/Cageside Press

UFC star Conor McGregor has been charged with battery again.

McGregor’s name surfaced Tuesday in reports of an attack on his yacht in July. At the time, McGregor was anchored off the Spanish island of Ibiza in the Mediterranean.

The incident allegedly took place on July 16, 2022, just days after McGregor’s birthday.

Every daily de mallorca, an unidentified Irish woman who was a guest on a fighter jet yacht, claims she had to flee the ship fearing for her life. She told Irish police that the attack appeared to have been sparked when she sought help from a mutual friend after McGregor became aggressive towards her. “All his behavior changed in that moment,” she said.

The woman was reportedly left with bruises after the incident.

News of the attack first broke in September, but at the time, Spain’s Guardia Civil’ rules out Conor McGregor himself Or maybe he was even involved in the incident. The complainant, who did not identify McGregor, was reportedly frustrated by the language barrier between herself and Spanish authorities, adding that she wanted to go home.

She told a different story to Irish authorities, identifying Conor McGregor as her attacker.per spanish export Ultimate HoraMcGregor insulted the woman, kicked her in the stomach, punched her, and said “I’m going to drown you, who do you think you are?”

According to the report, the woman allegedly jumped off the boat to escape and was picked up by a Red Cross ship shortly after. It noted that while she did initially identify McGregor as a suspect, she later withdrew the charge, citing her desire to return home to Ireland.

The Spanish investigation has been reopened in view of the fact that the complainant filed a report against the fighter in Ireland.

In a statement provided to several publications, including Cageside Press, a representative for McGregor wrote: “Mr. McGregor strongly denies all allegations made by a guest on his boat.”

When asked by Cageside Press whether he had been interviewed by authorities at home or abroad, his representatives did not confirm.

McGregor has often faced allegations of violence over the years. In 2019, he was Accused of smashing fan’s phone; charges later dropped When the victim stops cooperating with the prosecution. The former double UFC champion is also under investigation for allegations of sexual assault in his native Ireland. No lawsuit against him ever went to court; Irish law prevented him from being identified as a suspect in the case, although he has since chosen to publicly address the allegations.

The plaintiff of the sexual assault allegations is McGregor is currently being suedThe star was also charged with a second sexual assault allegation, but that allegation appears to have died down.

In 2022, McGregor was charged with multiple driving offenses while his pub was firebombed. The year before, he had been accused of assaulting an Italian DJ. He was also seen scuffling with rapper Machine Gun Kelly that year. In 2020, he was the subject of an indecent exposure investigation.

According to reports, McGregor has been considering a return to the ring later this year, but has not announced a specific timetable.

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