Colchester Removes Children’s Biography of Drag Performer from Circulation Pending Review

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COLCHESTER – A children’s book has been removed from the shelves of Cragin Memorial Library after a parent complained about “sexually provocative drawings,” according to a Facebook post by First Selectman Andreas Bisbiskos on Monday. withdraw. Bisbiskos further instructed library staff to take an inventory of the library’s children’s department’s holdings.

Bisbyskos wrote that the book was “immediately taken out of circulation” following the complaint.

According to Cragin Librarian Kate Byroade, the book is “Who is RuPaul?” by Nico is part “Who is/Who is?” seriesthe New York Times best-selling children’s series, offers short biographies of celebrities such as Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, Walt Disney, Harriet Tubman, Thomas Jefferson, JK Rowling, and more.

The book tells the story of RuPaul Andre Charles, the famous drag queen who hosted the show RuPaul’s Drag Race, won 14 Primetime Emmy Awards. In addition to his shows, RuPaul has appeared in various films and is the author of three books.

Byroade said the parent’s complaint related to an image in the book “depicting a female dancer spelling out the word VIVA.”

Readers with concerns about a book may file a formal complaint through the “Statement of Concern Regarding Library Resources” form, according to library procedures. Librarians will then review the materials and respond to complaints. If the complainant disagrees with the response, the complainant may forward it to the Selection Committee, which has the final say on whether the material should remain in the library.

Although the library has yet to receive a formal written complaint, the book has been removed by staff pending review and response, Byroade said.

Colchester is a member of the 31 libraries in the Libraries Connections Consortium, 16 of which have copies of the book. There are also six copies in the LION Consortium, including 38 Connecticut State Libraries. Before publishing this story, CT Examiner was able to speak with staff at four libraries, none of whom recalled receiving complaints about the book.

In his Facebook post, Bisbiskos said he had instructed Byroade to “take stock” of all books in the children’s department and encouraged parents with concerns about specific books to bring them up.

“Since I have been instructed to do this checklist and review, I will do so,” Byroade wrote in an email to CT Examiner.

By the time this article was published, Bisbiskos had not returned calls from CT inspectors seeking comment.

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