Colby Covington Makes Shock Appearance At UFC 286 Weigh-Ins, Weighs In As Back-Up

Colby Covington, official UFC 286 weigh-in Photo: Jamie Theodosi/Cageside Press

This Friday morning, the UFC 286 weigh-in takes place ahead of Saturday’s big event at London’s o2 Arena.

As always, the No. 1 spot is former UFC welterweight champion and main event half, Kamaru Usman. Not surprisingly, he weighed 170 pounds.

The man the event revolves around has yet to weigh in. At the same time, a certain “chaos” arrived. Former UFC interim welterweight champion Colby Covington came out from behind the scenes to weigh in as a backup for the landmark main event.

In pro fashion, the 35-year-old even hit 170 pounds, making sure that if anything happened between the two in the main event, he was always on call and ready for action.

Unfortunately for Covington, current champion Leon Edwards, who also competed shortly thereafter, also reached championship weight, making the Main Event official.

Colby Covington’s last fight was against rival Jorge Masvidal last March. There’s been a lot of speculation on social media about why he hasn’t played in nearly a year, but on Friday morning he repelled any doubts by showing he’s ready.

Word spread that Covington was in town within a week, though the promotion didn’t know anything about him being a reserve fighter.

With Colby Covington unlikely to play Saturday night, what’s next for him? UFC fans have been clamoring for him to take on the soaring Khamzat Chimaev, but if this afternoon is anything to go by, he’ll be hoping for another undisputed gold medal.

UFC 286 takes place this Saturday at the o2 Arena in London and features a grand trilogy main event pitting current champion Leon “Rocky” Edwards against former champion Kamaru Usman.

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