Chronicle of a reporter’s travels, travails, triumphs –

Author: Prof. Abiodun Adeniyi

Title: The Journalist and His Beat

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Publisher: Floy Press

Pages: 306

Year of publication: 2022

This is yet another addition to the ever-growing list of long-form experiences of media practitioners. It enhances the narrative of change from news reporting to tome writing, in addition to further revealing discourse about the infinite possibilities of newshounds.

Shrewd practitioners are immersed in, and often bogged down in, the rigorous process of elaborating on endless events. He is ready to pursue stories, interpreting and analyzing them to perfection. However, perfection is always elusive, far from the arms of active journalists.

Still, there is an inherent zest in the Matrix that sometimes returns to contentment but cripples the practitioner’s ability to detour. Detours are inevitable if one is to externalize a wealth of practical experience, conscious and unconscious experimentation, and reflection on one’s vision, mission, and life purpose.

Professionals need to take a detour and document hardships, travels, tests, and triumphs, not only for the sake of young practitioners, students, researchers, neutral readers, and many others, but also to ease the inherent burden of self-reflection by sharing from Life lessons learned through a personal prism.

The book at hand is a move in that direction, away from the beat, from the daily struggle to meet deadlines and get bylines, from short, precise narratives woven around the patterns and idiosyncrasies of news coverage, and toward more Expressive writing that reveals hitherto hidden qualities enough to educate, inform and entertain intertwined with journalistic missions.

Fabowale’s elaboration also goes beyond the last point. His speech was courageous in places, talking about personal challenges and how other decisions made a difference. He doesn’t pretend to be a hero (as some similar literature does), but simply presents the facts, feats, riches and weaknesses of his journalism for the reader to enjoy.

Viewed in this light, however, his professionalism and resilience are on display, reflected in the many positive reviews he has received and his strength of character in overcoming challenges.

His prose is lucid, while the depth of his explanations is unmistakable. His logic was sound, as was his organization of thought. It is a good read for a broad audience because of the purity of his speeches, the beauty of his language, and the abundance of lessons in them.

  • Dr Adeniyi (University of Leeds), Professor of Communication, University of Abu Jabaz.

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