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Christian Lee Recaptures ONE Championship Lightweight Title with Devastating Knockout

Christian Lee Credit: ONE Championship

On Friday, the controversial first bout between Ok Rae Yoon and Christian Lee will take place at ONE 160, with the advanced lightweight title just around the corner.

However, most fans and pundits seem to agree with the last match’s decision to make underdog challenger Yoon the main critic of the decision, which was Christian and his twin, ONE Championship star and champion Ainge La Lee. Even ONE president Chatri Sityodtong, who has been criticized in the past for favoring the Lee siblings and other Evolve MMA fighters, said he believed Yoon won the fight.

Christian Lee is still accepting an immediate rematch as he looks to recapture the belt he won in 2019 and insists he’ll be at 100% this time around with only around 15% in the first game fighting.

In their first meeting, both had big moments that almost ended that fight, but in the end it was Yoon who had all the success as he poured in with amazing cardio in the fourth and fifth rounds everything. Ok Rae Yoon has won three fights against the former champion in seven months in 2021, opening his way to the belt: his ONE debut was against Marat Gafurov, who had previously won the ONE lightweight belt, followed by holding There was Eddie Alvarez of the UFC and the Bellator lightweight belt, and of course he beat Christian Lee for the ONE lightweight belt in the end.

In Friday’s rematch at ONE 160, Ok Rae Yoon started the fight with pressure, straight throws and outside kicks, but Lee returned the favor with a clean blow of his own, including a leg kick that clasped Yoon’s leg. It was evident from the first exchange that the Challenger improved speed and foot comfort. Meanwhile, the champ wants to put his big right hand on Lee’s front shoulder. Lee rolled his shoulders a bit and ate some, but never got hurt.

The tempo is already high and both are playing well. The first devastating blow was Lee landing on a clean left uppercut, which staggered, followed by a high kick and a flurry over the fence, hurting Yin again. However, the champion’s jaw lifted until a large right hand dropped him. Lee grabbed the front headlock and used it to land a couple of grounded knees, but when he got back on his feet, Ok’s toughness was on full display. But now Christian swarms, slams Yoon to the fence, and puts him down again with his right hand, even though the champion is circling away. The combo had OK huddled up behind a tall defender again, and Lee dropped it on the fence. At the end of the round, it’s not certain if Yoon is still in this fight.

Most of the shots that made Yoon stumble or go down came when he missed defensively or when the two exchanged strikes in 550 exchanges, with Lee’s speed winning. Christian made a loud noise in the opening round in an attempt to end the game, and now that he’s starting to breathe out of his mouth, that could become a concern if he’s late for the game due to Ok’s tireless cardio. Lee was clearly way ahead on the scorecard, though, and visible damage was mounting as OK developed a large hematoma that nearly closed his right eye.

There were 550 exchanges in the second round, but it didn’t take long before the challenger coaxed his foe into a circle, subtly setting up a brutal outside-leg kick with a Superman punch. Now leaning on the fence, a cross on Ok’s shoulder dropped the champ again, allowing Christian Lee to end the fight with a brutal knee-jerk streak as he becomes a four-time ONE Champion, possibly the Best performance so far.

Lee slung the belt over his shoulder, his wife kissed him, and his young daughter placed on his right arm, facing his belt, as he gave a post-game interview.The re-emerging champion took home one of the $50,000 prize money traditionally announced in post-match interviews and said, “Ultimately, we’re giving our families [by fighting]so this baby girl will eat well,” pointing to his daughter.

Nothing was said after the fact, but the big question on everyone’s mind was obvious; will these guys be the next trilogy? Both games brought pure entertainment, and fans will be entertained in Game 3, but after a near-win and knockout loss, it may be necessary to bounce back against another contender for a win. Ok Rae Yoon wins another title fight.


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