Chris Duncan Was Working Full Time In Preparation To His Debut

“The Problem” Chris Duncan made his full UFC debut on Saturday after one of the most exciting fights in the Contenders series.

In that Contenders series win, Duncan came from behind to knock out compatriot Charlie Campbell. As the spectacular knockout garnered attention on social media, it made Duncan an instant “must-see” before donning his official leather UFC gloves.

For him, though, preparing for his UFC debut wasn’t the only thing he’s been doing over the past few weeks. Duncan admitted he was still working full-time on his day job as a personal trainer while preparing for his fight with Omar Morales.

“This game meant a lot to me because I was working full-time financially before I left to go to ATT (America’s Top Team), so it left a mark on me and I’m a professional athlete now. , I can leave my job to take care of my family not entirely but not by itself,” Duncan said.

While acknowledging that he won’t be giving up his personal trainer job entirely, he did joke that he’ll raise his price due to the inevitable demand after he wins the UFC.

“A lot of my clients know that this is going to end up being my career, and it’s more reliable, and it’s not like a job if I don’t have to depend on it. If I can help people who want to be helped on the side, I There are a lot of great clients back home so it’s great to be back with them,” said the Scot.

Still, Duncan’s clients may have to come to terms with the fact that their personal trainer, now a full-fledged UFC fighter, may not be available anytime soon. Duncan admitted he wanted a “quick turnaround” due to inactivity for the past six months.

“If I can get a quick turn from Sean (Shelby) this time, I’d really appreciate it if Sean could match me up, because it’s been almost six months since my Contenders series, and it’s been a lot for me. It’s been too long, and I would really appreciate it if Sean could give me something soon,” he said.

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