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Chicago Rapper FBG Cash Shot Dead CCTV Footage Video Who Killed Him?

Chicago rapper FBG Cash Shot Dead CCTV footage who killed him? , #Chicago #Rapper #FBG #Cash #Shot #Dead #CCTV #Footage #Video #Killed Welcome to 50 Mind BlogHere is our latest breaking news and trending broadcast for you today: :

It is with great sadness that we announce that Chicago pop rapper “FBG Cash” was shot and killed Friday morning in the 1600 block of West 81st Street in Chicago. As soon as the news circulated on social networking sites, countless reactions started pouring in because no one thought the worst would happen in one day. As a result, there has been a wave of backlash across the social networking site, with many calling for authorities to detain the untrustworthy as soon as possible before it is too late.

Chicago rapper FBG Cash shot dead

According to scoops or sources, the rapper went out to buy necessities without even knowing that something fatal would happen to him that would lead to his death. So, as soon as he stepped out of the threshold, a group of nameless men approached him, sifting through his body with bullets and shooting. Due to the loud gunfire, people nearby came out, and after seeing the condition of his body, they called the relevant departments so that they could come to investigate when his body was in custody. .

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What happened to rapper FBG Cash?

After a while, when the authorities got the call, they had no trouble showing up at the crime scene so that if the untrustworthy left behind evidence, they could take them away for further investigation. But they left nothing that could indicate anything, and as a result, police have not identified any suspects in the FBG Cash murders. But they reassured his followers that once something came out, they would familiarize everyone, but until then, they needed to be patient as the investigation was being conducted by them.

In addition to this, the incident occurred around 5.30am on Friday and 2 victims were reportedly present at the time of the tragedy and were later detained so that the police department could record their statements. The offenders fled the scene after arriving in a black sedan, despite the lack of a license plate on it.Therefore, we have removed such information from other important sources here and we will update you when more information becomes available

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