Chapel Peace Schmucker Today: Is She Still Alive?

when back to the amish On March 14, 2023, the seventh season returned to TLC, but Chapel Peace Schmucker was nowhere to be seen.

Naturally, this left fans wondering what she’s been up to since showing up in season three. Here’s what we know.

Chapel Peace Schmucker Today: Is She Still Alive?

Chapel Peace was one of 27 people arrested in Pennsylvania back in March 2016 after authorities seized $8,400 in heroin, more than $90,000 in meth and more than $27,000 in cash, according to TMZ news reports. Separately, she was charged and pleaded guilty to conspiracy/manufacturing and delivering or possessing intent to make or deliver, according to court documents from several outlets. She negotiated a plea deal and has since been released. However, this is not the first time she has run afoul of the law. In January 2013, she pleaded guilty to littering near water and was ordered to pay a $209.53 fine.

In April of that year, she also pleaded guilty to driving an unregistered vehicle and paid two fines of $25 and $103.50, and three months later pleaded guilty to two counts of using and possessing drug paraphernalia. Initially, she couldn’t make bail, so she spent several months in the Jefferson County Jail starting in July, before being released on $50,000 bond. After her release, she was banned from drinking alcohol and from engaging in any business selling alcohol.

Fast forward to 2023, there may be other reasons why Chapel disappeared from the face of the earth back to the amishTo be clear, though, she didn’t die as many people believed. Yes, she has been following some drama in her life. However, she also posts updates on her social media every now and then. For example, as recently as February 2023, she made a Facebook post about going 48 hours without smoking.

Does Chapel Peace Schmucker Have Cancer?

Chapel Peace proudly walks around as a cancer survivor.

In October 2022, she published a Facebook post in which she tagged UPMC Hillman Cancer Center and revealed in a comment that she was “in good health.”

Meanwhile, during her time on the show, some fans and fellow cast members have accused her of “milking out” her illness in order to create more compelling storylines for television.

In July 2016, partner Kate Stoltz also specifically accused Chappelle and back to the amish Producers of fake medical tests.

church peace schmuck era

Since Chapel Peace Schmucker was born in 1982, she will turn 40 in 2022.

Church of Peace Schmucker Work

As of March 2023, Chapel Peace Schmucker appears to have multiple jobs in the restaurant industry.

On her Facebook, she mentions that at Perkins Restaurant and Bakery From September 4, 2021; as a chef and cashier at a local bar and grill pull back From September 4, 2019; as duty supervisor Danny’s From July 8, 2019.

Is Chapel Peace Schmucker on Instagram and Facebook?

Yes. Chapel Peace Schmucker can be found on Instagram and Facebook. As of March 15, 2023, her IG @rebeccajschmucker Includes 309 posts and 45.1K followers.She also gets occasional glimpses of her life on “Chapel Schmucker” Facebook.

Is Chapel Peace Schmucker still married to Andrew?

Chapel Peace Schmucker continues to be married to her husband, Andrew Schmucker, as of March 2023, according to her marital status on Facebook. This means they have been together since they got married on May 10, 2014. Based on their social media exchanges, the two seem to be going strong almost 10 years later.

Andrew can be found on IG @schmuckerandrew. On his Facebook profile, he proudly introduces himself: “I am a hard working, happily married man”.

since andrew appeared in break the amish. They also documented his life with Chapel in a spinoff of the show, back to the amish.

Church Peace Schmucker Children

Chapel Peace Schmucker is the proud mother of two.

Her daughter is Kadence Peace. She turns 17 on September 12, 2022. Trying to come up with the “perfect word” to describe her birthday baby girl, Chappelle gushed on social media about how Cadence is so mature beyond her years. The proud matriarch also wrote that she learns something new from her every day, that she helps her grow in more ways than she realised, and more.

On the other hand, about her son Kolden Peace, Chapel said he was her best friend, funny and thoughtful. This child of hers will turn 18 on August 22, 2022.

Chapel is really, really protective of her kids. Once on Facebook agreeing to quote “You have to keep your kids supported for life, not just until they grow up. I got mine ’till I’m in the grave”, she herself said: “For my kids Come, I come for the blood!”.

Related FAQs

  • When is Chapel Peace Schmucker’s birthday?

Chapel Peace celebrates her birthday on October 2, sometimes the day before.

  • Where did Chapel Peace Schmucker come from?

Farrell is a city in Mercer County in western Pennsylvania, along the Shenango River.

  • What happened to Chapel Peace Schmucker’s teeth?

In the Amish community, especially young Amish, they will have some or all of their teeth removed. So, being an Amish, Chapel Peace Schmucker should do the same with her teeth. She has yet to comment on this.

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