Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) 2023 final winner prize money

Find out about the prize money awarded as the 2023 Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) enters its final stretch next week

At the same time, fans are looking forward to more exciting semi-final games. In the semi-finals on March 24 and the championship game on March 25.

In 2011, the Indian Sports and Entertainment Federation was formed to bring together celebrities and actors from the film industry in 8 regions on the cricket ground. The league has grown in popularity among Indian cricket and film fans over the past few years. The frenzy for league cricket has also led to a surge in TV ratings as media outlets across the country cover the match.

Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) 2023 Final Champion Prize

Currently, the Karnataka Bulldozers, Telugu Warriors, Bhojpurda Bangs and Mumbai Heroes are the remaining four teams in the league. At the same time, fans also want to know how much the prize pool of this round of CCL is.

CCL has not yet officially announced the prize money and total prize money for the winning teams and players. However, based on the number of previous competitions and online media publications, we can estimate. According to some media sources, the total prize money of CCL this year may be between 1 and 2 crores.

Live and broadcast information for CCL 2023

Zee Entertainment has acquired the rights to the Celebrity Cricket League. Thus, Indian cricket fans can watch the CCL 2023 semi-finals live on nine different networks and in nine different languages.

  • Zee Anmol Cinemas – Hindi
  • & Pictures – English
  • Zee Thirai – Tamil
  • Zee Cinemalu – Telugu
  • Zee Picchar – Kannada
  • Flowers TV – Malayalam
  • PTC Punjabi – Punjabi
  • Zee Bangla Cinema – Bengali
  • Zee Biskope – Bhojpur

Celebrity Cricket League will be live on Zee5 app in 2023. Viewers can also watch highlights from the CCL 2023 semi-final on the Celebrity Cricket League YouTube channel.

CCL 2023 Semi-Final Schedule

Friday, March 24: Karnataka Bulldozers vs Telugu Warriors – Semifinal 1 2:30pm IST in Visakhapatnam

Friday, March 24: Bhojpuri Dabanggs vs. Mumbai Heroes – Semifinal 2 7:00pm IST in Visakhapatnam

When is the CCL 2023 semi-final scheduled?

The two semi-finals of the Celebrity Cricket League are scheduled for March 24, 2023 in Visakhapatnam. Tournaments will start at 2:30pm CST and 7:00pm CST.

Meanwhile, the Grand Final will be held on March 25, 2023.

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