Carol Kirkwood of BBC Breakfast is being escorted out of Buckingham Palace, according to her.

On live television, Carol Kirkwood predicted that she would be thrown out of Buckingham Palace.

On Wednesday’s BBC Breakfast (June 1), the Scottish BBC star broadcasted live weather from the grounds of Buckingham Palace, ahead of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, which begin later this week.

During the broadcast, she joked that royal security guards would “escort her out” of the Queen’s iconic palace at any moment.

Carol, 60, had just finished delivering her weather forecast from the idyllic palace gardens, where she stood atop a massive water fountain to inform viewers about the day’s weather conditions.

Carol predicted that she might be “escorted out” of Buckingham Palace on live television.

(Image: BBC)

Before co-host Jon Kay joked that Her Majesty could be watching Carol from her window, host Sally Nugent stated that it was her “favorite weather forecast of the morning.”

“I’m just picturing the Queen looking out her window, saying, ‘What is Carol Kirkwood doing in my garden?” said Jon.

“And I’m going to be escorted out any second now,” the weather personality replied, laughing.

“I thought security was behind you earlier,” Jon said, prompting Carl to joke, “They’re actually behind the camera,” before waving “hi!”

Carol was told that she would have to hide from the palace guards, which made her giggle.

(Image: bbc)

“Get out of here, get out of here,” Jon joked. That’s a skill you have!”

“That was brilliant!” Sally exclaimed during the royal weather segment. “I had a feeling she was in the vicinity.”

“Wacko,” Jon replied. “She’s having a ball.”

Carol revealed earlier in the show that she’d met the Queen three times and that she had a “good sense of humour” with the monarch.

The Queen, according to Carol, makes people feel “so at ease” and “so relaxed.”

(Image: bbc)

“Three times,” she gushed about her encounter with the monarch. I’ve had the privilege of meeting the Queen three times, and she’s a lovely lady with a great sense of humour, as you’ve probably heard.

“She’s just lovely,” the forecaster explained, adding that she’s also “very polite.”

Carol also stated that the royal made her feel “so relaxed and at ease,” which she attributes to the fact that many people are nervous when meeting her.

The Platinum Jubilee will commemorate Her Majesty’s 70 years of service to the country, and Brits will have a four-day weekend starting on Thursday.

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