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Candace Cameron Bure doesn’t follow Jodie Sweetin’s ‘marriage’ reaction

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Candace Cameron Bure Didn’t Follow Jodie Sweetin’s ‘Marriage’ Reaction

Their house is a little less full.

Candace Cameron Bure unfollowed Jodie Sweetin on Instagram after Sweetin defended JoJo Siwa against Bure’s controversial comments about “traditional marriage.”

While the “Christmas Detour” star has cut digital ties with Sweetin, the “Just Swipe” actress continues to focus on Bure.

Bure, 46, and Sweetin, 40, rose to fame as sisters on the eight-season sitcom “Full House” in the late 1980s. Years later, they reprise their roles on the Netflix series “Full House” and remain close to this day.

Bure, a devout Christian, came under fire for an interview released earlier this month in which she said she was shifting the network to projects featuring “traditional marriages.”

Siva, 19, then shared a screenshot of an article titled “Candace Cameron Bure’s New Cable Channel Plans: Gay Ban” and cast doubt on Bure’s remarks.

candace cameron bure sits on a chair surrounded by sunflowers
Candace Cameron Bure unfollowed Jodie Sweetin on social media.
Getty Images

“Honestly, I can’t believe after everything that happened a few months ago, she not only made a video aimed at excluding LGBTQIA+, but she is talking about it in the media.” Siva, 19, He wrote in an Instagram postScreenshot from Cameron Bure’s comment attached.

“It’s rude and hurtful to the entire human community.”

sweetened Reply in the comment area Siwa’s post “You know I love you ❤️❤️”.

One Tree Hill alumna Hilarie Burton also echoed Bure’s comments, calling her “paranoid.”

jody sweetin
Bure unfollowed after Sweetin appeared to defame Bure’s “traditional marriage” comments.
Getty Images

Eventually, the “Christmas Town” star released a statement in response to the backlash that defended her remarks and accused the media of misrepresenting her.

“I have a simple message: I love you no matter what,” she said, adding: “To everyone who reads this regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation or political party, including those who try to intimidate me by name man, I want to love you.”

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