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Cancelled Netflix Show Fans Put Up Billboard In Hopes Of Saving Series

fans of canceled series Samurai nun A billboard has been erected outside Netflix headquarters in an attempt to save the show. Based on the comic book character Warrior Nun Areala, Samurai nun It first premiered on Netflix in July 2020 to generally positive reviews. Featuring a strong heroine and queer romance, Samurai nun With a very dedicated fan base supporting the series, it was a cult success. Despite this, Netflix canceled the series after season 2. The decision was met with backlash, not least due to the recent trend of cancellations of female-led and LGBTQ+ shows. From then onwards, Samurai nun Fans have been working tirelessly to save the series.

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In a post to Twitter SarahIt is revealed group Samurai nun fan A billboard has been erected outside Netflix headquarters that reads, “#SaveWarriorNun” Large font.

Below the title it says “Paid by Sarah B. and Warrior Nun fans around the worldalong with a contact email. The billboard is located directly across from the Netflix building on the corner of Sunset Boulevard and North Van Ness Avenue in Los Angeles and will remain in place for four weeks.

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How Fans Can Still Save The Warrior Nun

The post has had over a million views to date and even caught the attention of some important people Samurai nun crew. Writer David Hayter tweeted a photo of himself standing in front of the billboard with the caption: “I went to see the billboard today. Right across from Netflix HQ.you guys are the best fans in the worldSamurai nun Creator Simon Barry responds Also say to the billboard “excellent! ! I was stunned and impressed. You guys are next level!If the effort has caught the attention of showrunners, chances are Netflix has, too.

Billboards aren’t the only way Samurai nun However, fans are working hard to save the series. A Change.org petition was created in December to renew Season 3, and as of this writing, the petition currently has nearly 110,000 signatures. Samurai nun Fans have also been hotly searched on Twitter many times, with the hashtag “#SaveWarriorNun”and the phrase “Netflix fixes your mistakesNetflix is ​​under fire for canceling many of its hit shows in 2022, include midnight club and 1899leading loyal fans to ensure their voices are heard.

Although Netflix did not respond to requests for a renewal Samurai nun, it’s not impossible for fans to salvage the series. By continuing to speak up loudly and openly, viewers can influence streaming services to give them some closure. At the same time, they can convince another platform to take the plunge. Some have suggested that alternative venues like Hulu could take over Season 3, similar to the way networks and streaming services revive much-loved canceled shows.Recently, headlines like appear, Girls5 Evaand coquettish Having moved their home after an untimely cancellation.There’s a long history of fans being able to salvage canceled series simply by focusing and persevering, if This Samurai nun trend And Billboards both indicate that these audiences have no intention of slowing down anytime soon.

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source: Sarah/Twitter

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