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‘Bunny boiler’ movie reference explained amid Santos-Kennedy tête-à-tête

Bruno Cook January 25, 2023

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Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana represent New York’s George Santos is a “rabbit boiler,” and anyone who hasn’t seen the movie Fatal Attraction probably doesn’t know what that means.

Fatal Attraction is the origin of the phrase, but it found its way into the vernacular. Kennedy’s deployment of it could divert mainstream use.

Santos has since responded to Kennedy. Calling him a bunny boiler made him “sad,” he said. He tweeted that he found it “hurting and divisive”.

Internet users have been raving about the video all the while. That’s what it means.


When Senator John F. Kennedy called George Santos a “rabbit boiler,” he was referring to the 1987 film Fatal Attraction.

In the film, Glenn Close’s character Alex Forrest puts her former lover’s (Dan Gallagher, played by Michael Douglas) pet rabbit into a pot of boiling water.

She did it to get revenge on him while he was away.

Wiktionary classifies the phrase “bunny boiler” as derogatory, humorous, slangwhich means roughly: someone is (or may be) obsessed or dangerous with someone they want to be romantically involved with.

What was the specific meaning behind Kennedy’s use of the “rabbit boiler”?

Senator Kennedy is unlikely to describe Santos as that contemptuous ex-lover. Instead, he was referring to various “allegations” made against him.

sound The “scandal” surrounding George Santos was “unprecedented,” the paper wrote, adding that the newly elected Republican congressman’s story had become “ridiculous” and had “spirited” out of control in recent weeks. Meanwhile, New York Magazine recently ran an article titled “Here’s Every Lie About George Santos.”

According to the magazine, he allegedly lied about where he went to high schoolwhere he went to college; worked on Wall Street; founded an animal charity; conned a disabled vet whose dog was dying; whose grandparents survived the Holocaust; and more.

“If the allegations are true,” Kennedy said in the video, “I will fire him.”

However, Santos is entitled to due process — “just like every other American.”

How did George Santos respond to Kennedy’s “rabbit boiler” remarks?

Santos said Kennedy’s comments “made him sad.”

He said he respected his fellow Republican lawmakers, but the language he used was “hurtful and divisive.”

Since then, Twitter users have responded to Santos with their own opinions.

Brazilian drag artist Eula Rochard made headlines when she circulated a photo of what she said was Santos in a red dress and telling. insider She knew him in the past as a leftist supporter of the current president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, also known as Lula.

Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Fatal Attraction was released a year before George Santos was born

The movie Fatal Attraction, from which Senator Kennedy’s “rabbit boiler” remarks came, was released in 1987, which means it will be 36 years old this year.

Meanwhile, Santos will take office on January 3, 2023, at the age of 34. He will be 35 years old this July.

His full name is George Anthony Devolde Santos. His parents’ names are Fatima Aziza Caruso Horta Devolder and Gercino Antonio dos Santos Jr. They are all Brazilians.

Snopes reported this week that two people claiming to be acquaintances of George Santos told Reuters About 15 years ago, he participated in the Brazilian drag queen beauty circuit.He performed under the name Kitara Ravache, they According to reports. Santos has denied the claims, calling them “absolutely false.”

Anything to tell us about this article?

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