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Bryan Battle Announces Welterweight Arrival with Crushing Head Kick on Takashi Sato

Bryan Battle and Takashi Sato, UFC Vegas 59 Weigh In Credit: Alex Behunin/Cageside Press

despite winning Ultimate Fighter 29 At middleweight, and in his first UFC fight, TUF champion Brian Battle fell to welterweight in a fight against Takashi Sato at UFC Vegas 59.

With more resources than ever to invest in himself, the new weight class has just found him, as Battelle explained to Cageside Press ahead of the race. Meanwhile, Japan’s Sato is looking to hit two skids in this game.

When the action started, Sato took up the center position early and Battelle fired a couple of sharp balls. foreshadowing what is to come. Moments later, Battelle made a perfect header to connect Sato’s jaw cleanly. The Japanese fighter’s hand was a little too low, and he paid the price, slamming against the canvas as stiff as a plank.

Combat jumps to get things done, but it’s totally unnecessary. The referee made a quick save, giving Battle a superb knockout that most likely became the KO of the year.

Consider the success of Bryan Battle’s move to welterweight, and the performance frontrunner of the night.

Official result: Bryan Battle def. Takashi Sato eliminated (header), 1st round, 0:44


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