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Brighton’s Fatboy Slim Shares His Alter Egos And Favourite Memories

DJ Fatboy Slim shares stories from some of his many alter egos.

in an exclusive event Brighton At The Beach House, he recounts anecdotes from his youth in the city and talks about some of his favorite memories.

The DJ, real name Norman Cook, who has gone by a number of aliases over the years, was questioned by interviewer Kevin Bishop in a game of truth or fake.

He revealed some of his alter ego, including DJ Ox, who “plays hip-hop at Hangleton”.

But is he hiding behind a name?

“I like using pseudonyms,” he told the audience.

“Fatboy Slim swears to be funny and not loyal to anyone. He’s my double, but his mental age is still 17.”

“Norman Cook was a devoted father of two.”

The conversation started with actor and comedian Bishop playing clips from Fatboy Slim’s Big Beach Boutique Set from 2002.

He asked the audience if anyone was there, and there were several whoops and cheers.

With a twinkle in his eye, Norman, who lives on the Hove waterfront, said: “This is the last perfect orgy.”

Norman was born Quentin Leo Cook in Bromley and moved to Brighton for university.

“I’m a Brighton boy through and through,” he said.

Forever humble he talks breaking into dance music A scene in Brighton after his ten-year tenure at Housemartins.

“I don’t think I’ve done anything that I haven’t done before,” he said.

“I’m the one who knows how to put it on the radio.”

Norman has been candid about his teetotal experience and announced he will be celebrating his 14th year sober this year.

“Part of my job is to create chaos, and I love seeing that in a crowd,” he said.

“But now I’d rather experience it with my audience, in my two-hour set, and then just leave it there.”

The event ended with Norman returning to the opening, recalling the Grand Beach boutique.

“For me, that was my biggest win,” he said.

With applause, Norman answered questions from the audience, eager to ask him about his status as a Brighton legend.

He said: “I think dance music and Premier League football have really made Brighton a global football club. stage”

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