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Brighton Dome’s Inaugural Event Announced As Van Gogh Alive

The opening event for the newly renovated Corn Exchange has been announced.

Immersive Vincent van Gogh exhibit to be held at Corn Exchange and Studio theater At Brighton Dome, the Level 1 and Level 2 listed pavilions will reopen later this year.

Van Gogh Alive will be the first event to welcome audiences back to the fully restored venue ahead of the packed live show.

Argus: exhibition will feature more than 3,000 worksThe exhibition will feature more than 3,000 works (Image credit: Roger Moody)

A “multi-sensory” experience will explore the life and work of Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh.

The event will mark the completion of a major project to restore Brighton Dome listed Corn Exchange and Studio Theatre.

The restoration of the buildings is the result of a long-term collaboration between Brighton and Hove City Council, the Brighton Dome and the Brighton Festival and the Brighton and Hove Museum.

Argus: Visuals for Studio Theater and Corn ExchangeVisualization for Studio Theater and Corn Exchange (Image: Brighton Dome)

Brighton and Hove Council leader Phelim Mac Cafferty said: “It is only fitting that the first art exhibition on the city’s New Corn Exchange will celebrate Van Gogh, an artist known for his innovative techniques and unique worldview. that’s it.

“We are delighted that the city’s newest art venue is hosting this prestigious exhibition of Vincent van Gogh alive.

“The Brighton Dome we know today was built when Van Gogh was a teenager, so it’s a powerful marriage of people and place – a visionary building combined with a famous artist.

“As well as offering an inspiring new way to appreciate this art, Van Gogh Alive will offer visitors an opportunity to appreciate the magnificent restored heritage features.

“These, along with innovative new spaces, create a highly sought-after venue for artists and performers for many years to come.”

“Such a landmark opening exhibition marks a bold new beginning for the city.”

Argus: Corn Exchange Restoration Work Begins in 2017Corn Exchange Restoration Work Begins in 2017 (Image: Brighton Dome)

The immersive experience will run from May 12 to August 6, 2023, and has already welcomed more than 8.5 million visitors in 80 cities around the world.

Van Gogh’s work is said to be displayed in a “kaleidoscope of colours”, as crowds move through the exhibition to “evocative classical music”.

A spokeswoman for Van Gogh Alive said: “This combination of sounds, sights and even aromas of Provence will make visitors feel as if they are living and breathing the artist’s paintings.”

Tickets can be purchased from the Brighton Dome. For more information, visit brightondome.org

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