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Brandon Moreno Wants To Celebrate This Moment, Pantoja Later

DALLAS, TEXAS – JULY 30: Brandon Moreno of Mexico during the interim UFC lightweight title fight during UFC 277 at American Airlines Center on July 30, 2022 in Dallas, Texas Response after defeating New Zealand’s Kekara-France in the war. (Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC)

RIO DE JANEIRO — Now that he’s once again the undisputed champion, UFC lightweight champion Brandon Moreno can at least breathe a sigh of relief after defeating Davidson Figueiredo at UFC 283 on Saturday night.

“I’m very happy with my performance tonight. For me, obviously I’m a better fighter, a more complete fighter, talk about striking, wrestling, jujitsu, right? Control on the ground. I proved it the last time I played against him,” Moreno told reporters during the post-match brawl.

“My main focus for this one was to control my emotions, be very focused and stay close to my game plan. I did that and that’s why I’m very happy with my performance.”

Now that the rivalry with Figueiredo is over, Moreno can safely say he is the better fighter.

“I mean a lot of people ask me, hey, after three games with the same guy, what can you change? With all my new tools, all the new things I’ve been working on with my coaches, I That’s what it does, I know if I can make my plan work around the octagon, you know in the fight, I mean. I can perform like I did tonight,” Moreno said.

The fight was stopped after the third round because Figueiredo’s right eye was injured by his left hand after watching replays. Moreno pushed away with his right hand after the punch, but it was clear from replays that he didn’t actually poke his opponent in the eye.

The crowd was very upset and thought Figueiredo had been fouled and the game was stopped.

“I think that’s probably why people got really pissed at the end. So I actually saw the replay. He kicked my dick and I passed the leg and I threw the hook. The hook was clear. It was clear in his right eye and then Maybe that’s why people were (kind of) confused because I pushed his face in the face. So I don’t know. Maybe that’s why people got a little bit mad at me,” Moreno said.

The crowd poured drinks and trash on Moreno as he ran from the arena to the back zone.

“It’s funny. I didn’t expect that. I think in the end people are going to be really happy with my performance, but I don’t know. I just want to enjoy the moment. It’s crazy to have all the bodyguards around me,” he said.

Moreno’s training camp has never been easy, but with a coaching change midway through, it’s almost unfair. With James Krause under investigation for fighting gambling, Moreno hired the services of Fortis MMA’s Sayif Saud.

“He keeps me focused. Keeps my mind very focused, very disciplined. I’m glad he’s in the corner. Obviously everyone knows about James now, I love him and hopefully everything will be better in the future on that front.” Very clear,” Moreno said.

“I’m happy with Sayif. He said he didn’t want any credit, but man, thank you very much for this guy. He made a lot of sacrifices because I don’t think I’m ready to make another change because I’m in Kansas and all Bad things happened.”

Moreno took his camp back to Las Vegas, but Saudi chose to go to Moreno for his camp.

“I went back to Las Vegas. I wasn’t ready to make another change, so he decided to come with me every weekend, even earlier, than he would work on weekends. So I’m really grateful , so maybe on the next one I have to go to Dallas now,” he said.

So what’s next for the flyweight king? It could have been Alexandre Pantoja, who initially had a friendly confrontation with Moreno but, as Moreno put it, the confrontation became a bit “aggressive”.

“So yeah, he came with me and honestly when it all started he was super nice to me. He came with me and said hey man I’m so happy for you today. Congrats belt. At that point Everything was fine up there. Then he started asking me, hey, our fight is two months, three months away, tell me now,” Moreno said.

Startled by the sudden change in tone, Moreno remained calm and friendly.

“Honestly, I don’t know. You know? Honestly, then he started looking a little bit aggressive, but man, the only thing I mean is let me enjoy today man. Give it to me today. Let me and my friends, me My training partner, my wife, my manager,” Moreno said.

“Then we can make another circus and use social media and trash talk if you want. I don’t know, but please give me this moment. That’s my only opinion.”

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