Boxer Simiso Buthelezi Injury/ Death Video Punching ‘Invisible Opponent’ Footage Clip

We are extremely grieving to announce the devastating passing of Popular South African “Simiso Buthelezi”, who is no longer among his close ones and admirers as his departure occurred at the age of 24 due to horrifying brain damage during the weekend battle which took place in Durban. As soon as the news is getting circulated on social networking sites, uncounted reactions have started coming out, as no one had amused that a day will throw something worst like this. Therefore almost everyone s expressing their grief, so below you could get the comprehensive details along with some untold facts.

As per the exclusive reports or sources, the boxer took his last breath on Sunday, 5th June 2022 in the nearest medical center to his Durban residence. During the clash, he had been hit hard by the opponent which became the cause of his heavy brain injury, and therefore, as soon as he lost his senses the authority made him admitted to the nearest hospital so that, the medical staff could treat him and bless with the good health. But as the time passed his health started receiving severe complications, which turned him into deterioration while affecting his inner-body parts.

What Happened To Boxer Simiso Buthelezi?

Later, the medical staff also made a statement publicly while claiming him passed away, as they mentioned that they tried their best to make him alive ahead but due to lethal health complications they could not do anything.

Meanwhile, they made his family aware of his departure while permitting them to bring the body to their residence to arrange the funeral ceremony. But till now, they did not make any statement regarding the further arrangements, which are remaining the subject of discussion among everyone especially those, who know him personally and want to give him a last farewell.

As soon as everyone is getting acquainted with the saddening news, their immense reactions have started hitting the headlines. As everyone is expressing their grief while paying tribute to him at the time of sending the condolence to the family so that, their strength could remain ahead to bear the pain of losing an integral part of their family at a very young age. Therefore, the entire Twitter has been flooded by the reactions, as everyone is expressing their deep feelings toward the deceased. So here we have mentioned everything and when more will come out we will update you.

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