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Boston Dynamics’ New Atlas Video Shows How The Robot Could Help Construction Workers

Editor’s note: Watching the evolution of Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robots can trigger one of two feelings: wondering how machines can become more human-like in capabilities that could potentially benefit the world, or perhaps being horrified when we see the first stages of a machine , at best to get a job, at worst to enslave us all. Either way, the company’s new video is impressive.

The latest demonstration video showcases Atlas’ talents, showing how the robot has evolved and its potential for practical use. When the bipedal machines first arrived they could barely walk.As of 2017, it is performing parkour and backflip. A year later, Atlas running, jumps over logs and jumps from one 40cm step to another, using its legs, arms and torso to drive its jumps and balance.it develops into full gymnastics 2019.

Like some of the company’s other robots, there have long been questions about Atlas’ practical use. Boston Dynamics has answered those questions with its latest Atlas demo video, in which a new type of gripper first seen in a Super Bowl ad lets a robot help a (fake) construction worker.

It was amazing watching Atlas pick up a 2×8 and use it to build a bridge, then navigate the scaffolding with a pack of tools. The robot is also capable of throwing bags at workers using a 180-degree jump and performing a 540-degree multi-axis flip in what project engineers call a “heavy trick” that’s more advanced than parkour it’s shown before.

We probably shouldn’t worry about an entire construction site being filled with Atlas robots: it’s still going to make a lot of the same mistakes that are edited out of these videos.Atlas in control of leading Ben Stephens Say Researchers are “a long way” away from creating humanoid robots capable of often handling dirty and dangerous jobs in the real world.

Boston Dynamics currently only sells two robot models: tensionfor moving boxes in warehouses; and point, for a variety of tasks, including surveillance and mapping. In this latest video, Atlas appears to be on a slow track to find his dream career.Thankfully, Boston Dynamics has previously asked people not to use its robot as weapon.

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