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BMW Says Keeping Your Old Car Could Be Better Than Buying New One

BMW has a very large product portfolio that includes models for different needs – whether it’s a sports car, a family SUV or a luxury sedan. With constant hardware and software upgrades, the automaker keeps its lineup fresh and competitive, which basically means you can always get a premium new BMW as long as you’re prepared to pay for it. But it turns out the company doesn’t want you to buy a new car at any cost — and that’s not great for the environment.

At first glance, this must have been surprising, but the idea came directly from one of the company’s executives. Monica Denai, BMWThe sustainability chief spoke to an audience in London recently about how the car industry can reduce its environmental impact and waste. The idea behind Dernai is to keep currently used but aging vehicles fresh and modern by upgrading them instead of just picking them up from the showroom floor.

“We really need to think about extending the life of the car; there isn’t a used car market where you can sell each other cars, but maybe buy a car and extend the life of it,” Dernai said. “The idea might be that you can give the interior a new look. We need new skills in the aftermarket and designing the car so that the seats can be removed and new seats can be moved in – and then it’s a used car that looks like new.”

Delnay’s words may be criticized by some industry pundits, but we were actually happy to hear what she had to say in London. Upgrading old cars is something the automotive world loves, and there’s a huge market for used or brand new parts for older cars — both in the US and across the big pond. The support of OEM manufacturers for this scene is definitely worthy of our admiration.

Dernai also said — and this is what we found out — that the auto industry can’t get everyone to use public transportation or car-sharing services. Or, to put it another way, there’s still a huge market for personal cars, and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon.

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