Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Attend ‘All Too Well’ Panel: Taylor Swift Wears a ‘Simple Favor’-Inspired Outfit at Tribeca

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“During Saturday’s discussion at the Beacon Theatre, my first instinct was to write the treatment and send it out,” she said.

For the short, she wanted a female director, but every name she came up with was already taken. Swift had to reconsider what she wanted to do with the 10-minute song that her fans had been waiting years to hear. She was a little hesitant when the idea of directing came up.

“I had this imposter syndrome going on in my head, telling me, ‘No, you don’t do that.’” Others who went to school for it do it,’” she recalled.

Swift made her directorial debut with the music video for “The Man” in 2018, but the All Too Well short film was a completely different beast, shot entirely on 35mm film with Swift barely appearing. She assured the audience, according to Variety, that “this is not a music video.” “We took an entirely different approach to everything.”

Despite her concerns about her lack of experience, O’Brien, 30, praised her filmmaking instincts.

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“She has these innate qualities in a director that I feel like are usually tied to experience,” the Teen Wolf alum explained to a packed theater. “Trust, her ability to make a decision in the moment, her confidence, knowing what she wants, allowing her actors to just build a scene on their own… her ability to just say, ‘go,’ is so confident and so brave.” Yes, you are correct. You can be talented and have excellent taste… but it’s the ability to create that environment on set that sets you apart.”

Swift was inspired to direct a longer project after watching All Too Well: The Short Film.

“Writing and directing something… a feature would be incredible,” she said. “Scale-wise, I don’t see it getting any bigger.” I really enjoyed making such a personal film.”

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