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Best And Worst Energy Firms Ranked From British Gas To SSE And Utilita – See How Yours Did

best and worst Energy company Activists have called on companies to do more to protect struggling customers.

Octopus Energy Which one comes out on top? Annual customer survey with a combined score of 78%, based on customer feedback and consumer champion evaluations.

The energy provider is also the only company to receive a five-star rating in any category, with nine out of 10 customers saying they would recommend it as a provider.

Utilities It came in second with an overall score of 67%, while Utility Warehouse came in third with an overall score of 65%.

At the other end of the scale, Scottish Power was at the bottom with 51%, scoring just 3 points for its complaints performance.

which one?Check out energy companies to see how well they perform with customer service


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This is second only to E.on Next and SSE which received 57% and 58% respectively.

which one? A survey of 10,197 members of the public was conducted in October 2022 to help arrive at the results of this survey.

The average customer rating this year is 54%, down from January 2022 (59%) and 2021 (64%).

Consumer Champions also conducted an in-depth assessment of vendors’ practices and procedures in three areas.

This includes how they provide customer service, handle complaints and provide support to customers in need.

which one? Combine customer feedback with your own evaluations to create composite scores.

Below you can view a full list of all energy company rankings.

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which one? A cost of living campaign was recently launched, calling on key businesses, including energy companies, to do more to support their customers.

It was revealed in Citizens Advice that a worrying Three million people cut off from prepaid electricity meters Last year because they couldn’t afford to top up.

Rocio Concha, which one? The head of policy and advocacy said: “While customers are choosing to stay put due to the lack of deals in energy markets, our research has found that some companies are falling far short of what customers want during the cost of living crisis.

“Providers must make it as easy as possible for customers to contact and seek support when they need it – otherwise customers will vote with their feet and turn away when given a choice.”

A Complete List of the Best and Worst Energy Suppliers

  • Octopus Energy: Customer rating 73%; which one? Score 82%; Total score 78%
  • use: Customer rating 59%; which one? Score 75%; Total score 67%
  • utility warehouse : Customer rating 67%; which one? Score 64%; Total score 65%
  • cooperative energy : Customer rating 56%; which one? Score 72%; Total score 64%
  • Bulb : Customer rating 54%; which one? Score 72%; Total score 63%
  • Allow Energy : Customer rating 50%; which one? Score 76%; Total score 63%
  • EDF Energy : Customer rating 53%; which one? Score 71%; Total score 62%
  • Promote : Customer rating 52%; which one? Score 71%; Total score 61%
  • British Gas : Customer rating 52%; which one? Score 68%; Total score 60%
  • Sainsbury’s Energy : Customer rating 54%; which one? Score 63%; Total score 59%
  • shell energy : Customer rating 48%; which one? Score 68%; Total score 58%
  • so energy : Customer rating 57%; which one? Score 60%; Total score 58%
  • SSE Energy : Customer rating 46%; which one? Score 69%; Total score 58%
  • E. Next step : Customer rating 51%; which one? Score 63%; Total score 57%
  • Scottish power : Customer rating 49%; which one? Score 51%; Total score 59%
  • Second – N/A Supplier questionnaire not returned
  • Martha Energy – N/A too few responses received
  • Geeks – N/A too few responses received
  • beat the market – N/A too few responses received
  • positive energy – N/A too few responses received
  • ecological city – N/A too few responses received

A Shell Energy spokesman said: “Customer feedback is extremely important to us as it helps shape the significant investment we make in customer experience.

“Which one are we disappointed with? The rating is because we are highly recognized by our customers through our Citizen Advice Score, customer reviews on Trustpilot, and our Resolver Award for outstanding customer service.”

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