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Bernard Avle Wife Justine Avle passed away, cause of death

Who was the wife of Bernard Avle who died? Read Justine Avle’s age and cause of death.

Bernard Avle was well known when he was Citibank’s managing director in Accra. As general manager of the sprawling media conglomerate, he has a lot of responsibilities but also a well-deserved reputation for it.
He is a well-known official in the media world. He always works very hard for his media company to always stay at the top of the game in the country with a huge lead. In Ghana, he had a very huge impact on the politics we see today. This goes on to show how powerful this man is in this beautiful country.

Who is Justin Iwell?

Justine Avle is a strong and independent lady who is popular as the wife of Bernard Avle. The two of them got married as early as 2011, and now they have 4 children, which shows how happy their married life is.

Sometimes you still don’t know a thing or other obstacle and all the happiness disappears in a moment. It’s hard to believe this, but that’s how life usually hits some bumps. Justine Avle is said to have just passed away.

Bernard Iwell family

Bernard Avle was a loving husband and father who lost his wife to cancer. He currently lives at home in his hometown with their four children aged six to fourteen.

Citi FM general manager Bernard Avle is known for his work at media companies. To be accountable to an accredited Ghanaian citizen of such high profile and responsibility, he has done a lot, but it’s all worth it because people are listening now more than ever.

Cause of Death of Justine Avle

Justine Avle is no longer among us because she died of a disease that actually affected her for a short period of time. She passed away on August 3, 2022. The news of her death has only just arrived. This is very scary and unexpected news for many people around the world. There may be more details, but Justin Iwell’s family has yet to reveal any information. We’ll need to wait to get more details about the funeral.

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