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Being Present Showcases Artists Collaborative Works At Bethlem Gallery – South London News

Burren Gallery A new exhibition was developed to showcase the collaborative work of paired artists.

present Developed as an antidote to the quarantine pandemic and allowing artists to share their artistic approach and create new work together.

exhibition from February 1st to May 23rd Featuring paintings, collages, photography, sculpture, and performance works.

Sophie Leighton, Director of Bethlem Gallery, said: “During the pandemic lockdown, we wanted to find a way to support artists to have meaningful conversations and share the challenges of working remotely, communicating and developing relationships. Both aspects are successful and direct responses to the lockdown experience.

“All artists jumped at the opportunity to network with one another and generously shared their practice while collaborating in radically different ways, and each artist told us how their practice was positively transformed in the process.”

In these collaborative works, Teatime Presence by Michelle Baharier and Chris Lewis-Jones explores themes of presence and well-being .

Artists will be serving teas to visitors at the Bethlem Gallery, all named after psychological conditions such as anxietyea and hostilitea.

Fatma Durmush and Jo Wheeler use different artistic mediums, including photography and painting, to examine childhood memories and dreams.

Jo Wheeler says: “The contrast between our approaches became very interesting to me, combining Fatma’s expressive mark-making and personal narrative with my camera’s more formal, conscious observation. I think that when we In switching jobs back and forth, some interesting, unexpected things came up.”


Image: Roger Suckling, Haptic ID (static) Image: Bethlem Gallery and Primary, Nottingham

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