Before ChatGPT, Google missed a golden opportunity in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Two Google researchers on the project artificial intelligence Influential talkers from the company attended and announced to their colleagues that the results of their work could revolutionize the way people searched the Internet and used computers.

Google AI researcher named daniel de freitas and Noam Shazier Google was asked to release a demo version of its chatbot and even integrate it with its Assistant voice assistant, but company executives are not convinced; because said technology does not meet their security standards.

Get Microsoft support after two years open artificial intelligence and take advantage of these facilities Chat Tools It did what Google failed to deliver on giants now from redmond New Bing Chatbots based on ChatGPT are open to the outside world and are widely welcomed by users.

Microsoft is also capitalizing on the hype surrounding its AI chatbots, while Google prepares Bard Chatbot yes.

Google recently launched Bard AI. The company said it would test the chatbot before it hits the market. The tool, like ChatGPT, responds to user requests and questions in a conversation-oriented manner. digital trends He writes that while the technology used in these tools is far more advanced than traditional search engines, Google is concerned about the growing popularity of such solutions because if Microsoft can roll out the new Bing among users, it will certainly become a global search engine. Part of. Market share…

Despite Google’s missed opportunity in AI chatbots, the company has plenty of resources at its disposal to ensure Bard’s rapid growth and possibly another opportunity to better compete with Microsoft’s AI.

Defreitas and Shazier He was so frustrated with Google’s reluctance to capitalize on the missed opportunity that he left the company in 2021.

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