Because of a dead hamster, a man on death row in Singapore avoids execution.

Thanks to a dead hampster, a man who was sentenced to death in Singapore for drug charges was spared from execution at the last minute.

Raj Kumar Aiyachami had been awaiting his execution date in the Asian country since 2015, when he was discovered with nearly 2kg of cannabis after a drug deal gone wrong.

Raj was sentenced to death despite protesting that all he wanted was legal butterfly tobacco that smelled like cannabis.

Raj’s luck eventually turned around thanks to his friendship with his cellmate Mark Kalaivanan Tamilarasan, who had a significant piece of evidence to clear his name.

Incredibly, both men had picked up on the same day in 2015 from the same location.

Raj always denied the charges

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Mark told officials in a court of appeal that he went to buy a bag of ganga on that day, but was instead given a bag of butterfly.

Because it was the same day that Mark’s beloved hamster Pat died, Mark was able to recall the date, September 21, with such clarity.

Following this, Mark inked the words “RIP 21.9.15 PAT” on his left middle finger.

Sundaresh Menon, Singapore’s chief justice, described the coincidence as “amazing” and said Mark’s new testimony should be taken seriously.

Raj’s life was saved because of a hamster story told by one of his cellmates.

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“Mark was effectively implicating himself in a very serious offence that he had not been investigated for or charged with at the time he gave evidence,” he explained.

“If it was all false, he stood to lose a lot of money and appear to gain nothing.”

It’s unclear whether Mark will be sentenced to death in exchange for Raj’s release.

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