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BBC Breakfast Star Jon Kay Barks At Carol Kirkwood As Sally Nugent Nervously Giggles

BBC Breakfast star Jon Kay rants: “Where are you?” when Carol Kirkwood went missing on Tuesday. On the show, Carroll posted the weather forecast for January 24th.

carol bbc The Breakfast Weatherman, welcomed by Jon Kay and co-star Sally Nugent in the second installment of the working week. Jon and Sally sat on the red sofa, and they switched to Carol for the latest weather report.

The TV star stood by to give viewers the latest forecast. “All the sports news will be up in a few minutes, but first let’s go to Carol, she gave us the weather information for this morning,” commented Sally.

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Sally said, “Carol, it’s foggy again in some places.” Then Jon started joking about the bad weather and the fog, saying, “Carol, where are you?”.

The jeers came as Carroll stood before the fog-shrouded image. “I’m in a little corner of the West End,” the TV star replied to Jon. The lively exchange came as the Met Office issued a warning about freezing fog in the UK, grounding airports.

The Met Office said freezing fog was expected in parts of the country on Tuesday morning, with temperatures hovering above -10C. London Mayor Sadiq Khan issued a severe air pollution alert for the capital on Tuesday.

Mr Khan said: “We know how dangerous the toxic air is for Londoners – that’s why I’m doing everything I can to tackle the problem. On Tuesday, in addition to the extreme cold temperatures we’re experiencing, we’re expecting severe air pollution I have issued a ‘high’ air pollution alert based on the latest forecasts from Imperial College London. This shows again why it is so important that we extend the Ultra Low Emission Zone across London to reduce toxic air pollution in our city.

“We all need to be careful over the next few days. I urge Londoners to look out for each other, choose to walk, cycle or use public transport where possible, avoid unnecessary car travel, stop idling engines, don’t burn garden waste, All of these lead to high levels of pollution. This is especially important to protect those who are more vulnerable to high levels of pollution.”

BBC Breakfast airs daily on BBC One and iPlayer from 6am.

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