Barrister made impact in my career —Benbella –

Segon Adebayo

Fuji Music singer Sulaimon Adekunle Benbella describes the late Sikiru Ayinde Barrister as a great musician and mentor who left his name through time with countless great albums and deeds.

Benbella, who began his singing career in 1992, spoke on the occasion of Barrister’s passing birthday.

In celebrating the late veteran musician, Ben Bella paid tribute to Barrister, calling him a wonderful and lovable leader, adding that even in his death, he deserves his extraordinary creative exploration. worship.

Benbella said, “Barrister created Fuji Music out of Were Music; he was also very instrumental in my development at Fuji Music.”

Known for his powerful voice and fast dance moves, Benbella’s performances set him apart and continually garnered the attention of admirers while leading his unique band.

Benbella has five albums. His first album was released in 2001 titled “Man deh suffer”, followed by “London Boy”, “Standby”, “Music is alive” and “No thinking”.

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