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Bank Holiday 24-hour Weather Forecast For Birmingham As Met Office Warns Of Rain

There’s nothing quite like a bank holiday, most of us can take an extra day off to give people a chance to gather with family and friends or explore new places.Tomorrow, August 29, marks the summer bank holidays – This will be the last one we get before Christmas.

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The weather in Birmingham and the Black Country has been excellent for the past few days. But while there was still some sunshine for Monday’s bank holiday, the Bureau of Meteorology also warned that some rain could be expected in the morning.

The forecaster said: “While it was a clear morning for many, there would be light rain around. For most this should be gone soon, leaving a dry afternoon with some sunshine. rest time.” The maximum temperature for the day was 24 °C.

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People should make the most of the last of the sun, as the Bureau of Meteorology says the outlook for Tuesday to Thursday will bring more clouds and light rain, most likely on Wednesday.If you’re wondering the best time to go out for a barbecue tomorrow – or just the best time for a walk – here’s the complete 24-hour forecast for the city and surrounding area.

Birmingham August Bank Holiday 24 Hour Weather Forecast

Midnight – 17C – Partly cloudy

1am – 17 degrees Celsius – partly cloudy

2am – 17 degrees Celsius – partly cloudy

3am – 17C – Cloudy

4:00 am – 16:00 – cloudy

5am ​​– 16C – Cloudy

6:00 am – 16:00 – cloudy

7:00 am – 16:00 – cloudy

8am – 16C – Cloudy

9:00 am – 16:00 – cloudy

10am – 17C – Cloudy

11am – 18C – Cloudy

Noon – 19C – Sunny

1pm – 19C – Cloudy

2pm – 20C – cloudy

3pm – 20C – sunny

4pm – 20C – Cloudy

5pm – 20 degrees Celsius – sunny

6pm – 20C – sunny

7pm – 19C – sunny

8pm – 18 degrees Celsius – cloudy

9pm – 17C – clear night

10pm – 16C – clear night

11pm – 15C – clear night

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