Bad Bunny seems to be shading in a new song by Devin Booker, former Kendall Jenner

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Bad Bunny appears to be featured in Devin Booker and ex Kendall Jenner’s new song

Fans believe Bad Bunny shot ex Kendall Jenner Devin Booker for alleged affair with model.

Eladio Carrión in Poetry on Orbit “Coco Chanel”, Bad Bunny sings in Spanish: “I’m not mad, baby, it’s a trick / But the Puerto Rico sun is warmer than the Phoenix sun.”

Booker, who plays basketball for the Phoenix Suns, dated Jenner on and off from April 2020 to October 2022.

However, that wasn’t the only hint that Bad Bunny might have sung about Jenner.

In another verse, the rapper mentions that “Scorpios are dangerous,” which happens to be Jenner’s zodiac sign.

Kendall Jenner hugs Devin Booker.
The Puerto Rican singer apparently called out the Phoenix Suns basketball player in a new song.
getty’s painting
Kendall Jenner Hugs Boyfriend Devin Booker
The former couple separated in October 2022 after dating for two years.
Instagram/Kendall Jenner

The visible diss caught Booker’s attention, who commented below that “he’s worried about another man” instagram post About the lyrics.

The Puerto Rican musician, 29, and Jenner, 27, have been at the center of dating rumors since they were spotted on a dinner date last month.

While it wasn’t clear at the time if the couple were just friends, Booker unfollowed Jenner on Instagram a few days later, apparently marking the start of his feud with the “Me Porto Bonito” singer.

angry rabbit
The singer apparently referenced Jenner’s zodiac sign in the new song as well.
NBAE via Getty Images

Not long after, the bad bunny, whose real name is Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, was spotted cuddling the “Kardashian” star after another night on the town.

The pair were joined by Kylie Jenner and their close friend Taco, whose real name is Travis Bennett.

Despite arriving and departing in different cars, the couple reportedly shared a sweet hug – and even a kiss – in their farewell.

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Kendall Jenner
Jenner, 27, and Bad Bunny, 29, hooked up for the first time last month.
Instagram / @kendalljenner

And if that wasn’t enough proof of their romance, the couple was seen leaving Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s after party together after the 2023 Oscars on Sunday night.

Although Kendall tried to shield her face from the paparazzi, the rapper was apparently photographed in the same car as her.

The reality star has been linked to several Hollywood stars such as Harry Styles and Nick Jonas, while Bad Bunny has been linked to Gabriella Bay for the past five years Gabriela Berlingeri had a relationship.

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