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Austin Vanderford Was Going To Fight Regardless Of Opponent, Wants Eblen Soon

Sioux Falls SD – Bellator middleweight Austin Vanderford is back just 5 months after losing his effort to become middleweight champion. On Friday night, he faced Aaron Jeffrey at Bellator 284.

Vanderford (11-1) returned to the gym immediately after returning home from Ireland.

“I think I’ll be right back in a couple of weeks. We spent a little time in Ireland checking the situation, had a couple of Guinnesses and all that, and I’m back to work,” Vanderford told the Cageside Press and other media on Wednesday. .

After Vanderford’s original opponent, Anthony Adams, pulled out, his opponent Aaron Jeffrey came in at about eight days’ notice.

“I’m going to fight a bastard no matter what. Whoever comes forward is the one I’m going to fight. Aaron Jeffery is a very good fighter and I imagined myself fighting him at some point. Sooner or later. There may not be a number next to his name, but I believe he beats a lot of people in the top 10,” Vanderford said.

“It’s a good opponent. Someone I’ll be able to play and play against myself, and I’m looking forward to Friday’s game.”

Vanderford trained out of Florida’s prestigious American top team, and the roster features three key Bellator middleweights, Vanderford, Dalton Rosta and middleweight champion Johnny Ebron. Not only do these three rank, but one holds the title, it seems inevitable that the three will clash at some point.

“We have a really good squad. I’m really happy to see those guys doing a good job as well. It also gives you a sense of confidence because you’re there to hone in with those guys every day and everyone is there Working together, helping each other, etc. You know it’s a cool thing,” he said.

“I can proudly say I’m looking forward to it and I hope my next opponent is Johnny because that means he’s going out and doing his job and defending the belt. I’m doing the same thing, I’m winning games and that’s what The game I want.”

Most fighters refuse to fight teammates unless the stakes are very high and there is no way to get around the round. Vanderford has his sights set on Ebron, who holds the Bellator middleweight title.

“It’s not because I don’t like Johnny or anything. I just want us both to do the best we can and that’s who I’m looking for.”

Watch Austin Vanderford’s entire Media Day Scrum above. Bellator 284 crashed in Sioux Falls, South Carolina on Friday, August 12.


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