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Austin Aynes’ Age, Education, Career & More Personal Facts

Mother-daughter duo Karen E. Laine and Mina Starsiak Hawk are the masterminds behind the home renovation good bones, but there are many key team members who assist in their community revival process, including Austin Aynes. Although Austin is not one of Karen and Mina’s blood relatives, he is still involved in their family business, Two Chicks and a Hammer. He has proven that he is an integral part of the construction process.from his role good bones Here’s everything you need to know about Austin about his life outside of reality TV.

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Like Mina and Karen, Austin is a native of Indianapolis.according to austin’s biography reason to dance website (he competed in a charity ballroom dance competition), who grew up on Indiana racetracks. When Austin lived in Speedway, he attended Cardinal Ritter High School. At Cardinal Ritter, he played varsity football until graduation in 2013. After high school, good bones austin keeps it local, by electing to be a student at Butler University in Indianapolis. At Butler, Austin studied biology and earned a bachelor of science degree. He wanted to go to physical therapy school after college, but wrote, “Sadly, [that] Still a dream.

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Good Bones’ Austin has dreams beyond demolition

When Austin returns home from college looking for a quick buck, he embarks on a journey to join the “Two Chicks” and “The Hammer.” Instead of pursuing his dream of going to physical therapy school, Austin started working in demolition. He shared that he did some demolition work with a friend on the football team in high school. Austin recalls that his friend said, “His sister’s company is arranging a test run for a filmed TV show,” They want Austin to be involved.Although Austin tried to find another job in the years after he started working at Karen and Mina’s company, he ended up back to two chicks and a hammerwhere he now sees himself standing, “For the foreseeable future.”

Austin loves his good bones family

austin is still a regular good bones, where he worked as Mina’s construction coordinator. Austin’s funny and kind spirit lasted seven seasons, tearing down and rebuilding homes with the crew of “Two Chicks” and “Hammer.” When he’s not busy demolishing, austin Available on social media. He has gained over 10,000 followers.

Austin’s Instagram post conveys the construction coordinator’s wide-ranging interests, from attending sports games to promoting Two Chicks and Hammer’s Beer. When Austin isn’t busy fixing up other people’s homes, he occasionally posts updates about renovations he’s done on his own. December 2020, Austin shared his work good bones Making it possible for him to purchase his first residence in his hometown of Indiana Speedway.

Although Austin is not a star good bones Like home improvement expert Mina, he’s a beloved team member who’s become a staple of the reality show. While Austin may have initially dreamed of physical therapy, he seems to be right where he should be. As of January 25, 2023, season 8 has not been officially greenlit. However, an announcement of this type may be on the horizon. Reality star Austin is a tried and true Hoosier who has dedicated his life to improving Indianapolis and improving homes.

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source: reason to dance, austin irons/Instagram

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