At ABC, the race is on for Amy Robach and TJ Holmes’ former jobs

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At ABC, Amy Robach and TJ Holmes compete for former jobs

We’re told that TJ Holmes and Amy Robach are already “old news” on ABC – and the staff has already started rumoring who will get the newly vacated “GMA3” seat.

We’re told there’s a lot of focus on the award after the couple were officially fired on Friday after going public with their relationship.

Our source explained: “People are already fighting the next battle over who will replace them.”

DeMarco Morgan and Rhiannon Ally took their places during the ignominious suspension of the stars, and our source says “they look like an automatic pick.”

But we’ve heard that other ABC talent isn’t thrilled with the opportunity. “People are upset that other people don’t have such a good opportunity,” said one insider.

ABC News correspondent Gio Benitez, national correspondent Stephanie Ramos and “Good Morning America: Weekend Edition” co-hosts Whit Johnson and Janai Norman were all seated in the absence of Robach and Holmes.

Allies of DeMarco Morgan and Rhiannon
DeMarco Morgan and Rhiannon Ally replaced Robach and Holmes.

Both Morgan and Ally are relatively newcomers. Morgan worked for CBS before moving to ABC in November, while Ally has been with ABC News since December 2021, and Appointed as co-anchor “ABC World News Now” and “America This Morning” in August.

Earlier this month, Page Six reported on the media mixer at Plug Uglies, an Irish pub near New York City’s Gramercy Park, with Morgan, “GMA3” executive producer Cat Mckenzie and local ABC news talents Sade Baderinwa and Kemberley Richardson was involved.

Rhiannon's ally DeMarc Morgan
We’ve heard that some employees are upset that others don’t have a chance to be replaced.

Sources tell us the network “loves the job [Morgan is] Indeed” and “everyone thinks he’s really good”. Rumor has it he could replace Holmes permanently.

Holmes and Robbach’s romance first hit the headlines in November 2022, and the couple was taken off the air in early December.

Holmes allegedly had an affair with three other employees after the network began investigating the couple.

The couple have reportedly been accused of “various forms of misconduct” during “highly contentious” negotiations last week.

On Friday, ABC News announced that Holmes and Robbach had officially left.

ABC announced Friday that Holmes and Robbach are officially absent.

ABC announced Friday that Holmes and Robbach are officially absent.


“After many productive discussions with Amy Robach and TJ Holmes about the various options, we can all agree that leaving ABC News is the best option for everyone ,” the ABC said in a statement. “We thank them for their talent and commitment over the years and thank them for their contributions.”

ABC News president Kim Godwin sent an email to all staff calling the Holmes and Robbach case and the ensuing clash a “distraction.”

TJ Holmes, Amy Robbach
ABC News President Kim Godwin called the loss of Robbach and Holmes “a distraction.”

“I know it’s a distraction for a lot of us, but let’s not forget all the great work that has made ABC News the #1 news network in America, and it’s all because of you,” she said.

Who will take their roles will be announced later, Godwin added.

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