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As she removes her makeup to reveal her natural face, the glam babe dazzles.

Many women are frequently chastised for applying ‘too much’ makeup to their faces, which completely alters their appearance.

So now there’s a TikTok trend to combat the widespread belief that some women are ‘catfishes’ for using beauty products to change their appearance.

Some guys may look down on a woman who wears a lot of makeup because they believe that a woman’s beauty can be removed with just one wipe.

Jacquelynne Hudson, for one, has jumped on the bandwagon to share her stunning natural face and point out the obvious: women look different when they wear makeup.

The red-haired beauty first shared a glam snap of herself pouting at the camera in a TikTok video that has now racked up 2.3 million views.

Jacquelynne looks stunning with her glam look

(Image: @ jacquelynnehud)

The model parted her long hair in the middle and wore it down to highlight her stunning features.

After applying foundation and concealer, as well as false eyelashes to accentuate her eyes, Jacquelynne’s complexion appeared flawless.

To complete the look, she wore thick brows and a plump, glossy lip.

“One wipe and it’s all gone,” wrote the babe, highlighting a common phrase women hear.

Jacquelynne, on the other hand, revealed that she isn’t always so put-together – and that her transformation has left many people speechless.

She got scrubbing!

(Image: @ jacquelynnehud)

The stunning actress then rubbed her face with a makeup wipe to remove her flawless makeup look in the following clip.

Jacquelynne wore her hair in a messy bun and wore her face bare, making her look completely different.

She sarcastically said: “Yeah.”

Jacquelynne has been showered with praise in the comments section since the video went viral.

Jacquelynne still looks stunning, and she acknowledged that women’s appearances change when they wear makeup.

(Image: @ jacquelynnehud)

“Finally, one that is truly genuine,” one person said. “Perfect.”

“The fact that they believe it only takes one wipe..” sneered another user. “We make works of art.”

“I mean yeah, that’s how makeup works,” said a third person. I don’t put on makeup to look like I used to.”

“I rate it because all the other girls who do this still have lash extensions and lip filler,” a young man praised.

“The fact that you did this makes you even more beautiful because you’re honest with it,” said a fifth user.

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