November 28, 2023
Apple New Macbook pro

Apple New Macbook pro

Apple is aiming to introduce at least two more Mac Studios in the future, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. This information shows that the Mac Studio was not a one-off stopgap device while the first Mac Pro with Apple silicon was being developed.

Apple is set to open two new Mac studios very soon.

Gurman noted in his message today, which focused on new MacBooks and other WWDC announcements, that “there are also two Mac Studio follow-ups planned, but their timing is less clear.” He did not provide any other information regarding the new models. There is currently no information available concerning the technical specifications or release date.

In March 2022, Apple released the Mac Studio and its associated Studio Display. Apple’s M1 Max and M1 Ultra CPUs are available for the high-end desktop PC. These configurations have starting prices of $1,999 and $3,999, respectively. The faster Mac ever released is the higher-end Mac Studio with the M1 Ultra chip.

Gurman stated in February that the new Mac Pro will be outfitted with an M2 Ultra chip and would provide “very similar” capability as the Mac Studio. He also stated that it “wouldn’t make sense” for Apple to release a Mac Studio with an M2 Ultra processor. He also advised that the computer be updated when its M3 Max and M3 Ultra chips are ready. If this is the case, the next Mac Studio will be released in 2024 at the earliest.

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