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APC reconciling to ensure total victory in Benue – State Chairman –

All Progressives Congress (APC) Benue Chairman Comrade Austin Agada said the party has embarked on conciliation to resolve all contentious issues to secure a complete victory in the upcoming general elections.

He said recent developments within the party are being addressed to ensure the APC becomes stronger and more united to take over power in the state.

Speaking to reporters, Agada said party leaders had been in dialogue with all stakeholders to arrive at a more united front.

“The party leaders have been talking on the sidelines, it is in the process; we have gathered all the people with lofty ideals, sent people to talk, and many people have stepped forward bravely for the party’s victory.

“Yeah, we’ve got other people who still hold out and go to court. We still have some smart people who want to make sure the APC wins and the country gets better.

“Some people are still suffering but we are talking to them and we believe at the end of the day the party will be understood by all and we will have a house at the general election,

“As party members we are also law-abiding citizens and all court decisions will be respected,” the APC chairman said.

According to him, the dismal performance of Benue’s current government has given the APC a 50% advantage in winning the state’s upcoming elections.

If elected, the party has identified clear priorities that would have a direct positive impact on citizens, Agada said.

“Our priorities are agriculture, education, security, health, youth and women’s empowerment.

“There is no thriving industry in business and agriculture in the state; we will reinvigorate all of these to move Benue forward.

“Thanks to God’s special grace, I believe our candidate and the people of Benue are on the same page for the good of the country,” the state APC chairman added.

He expressed his satisfaction with the arrangements made so far for the election by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Agada said the APC has been talking to people to pick up voter cards from INEC in order to participate in the election.

“We’ve also been talking to young people about avoiding election violence, and we’ve been working with police to ensure free, fair, credible and violence-free elections in the state,” Agada added.

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