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APC has divided Nigeria in all aspects ― Atiku –

Atiku Abubakar, presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), observed that the All Progressive Congress (APC) government had divided Nigeria along several fault lines, including the Christian-Muslim and North-South fault lines.

He made the statement Tuesday while speaking at a rally in Asaba, Delta state, reiterating that if he is elected president in February, he will restore national unity.

The former vice president said: “This APC government has divided Nigeria, North and South, divided Nigeria Christian-Muslim, divided Nigeria in every way. We are committed to restoring the unity of this country.

“How do we do that? How do we make it happen? We’re going to make sure that every place in this country, every religion in this country has a sense of belonging to the federal government. That I promise you.

He also touched on his other commitments to Nigerians such as giving due attention to the education sector and ensuring an end to labor disputes in higher education institutions.

Specifically, he told the people of the Niger Delta that his plan to devolve more power and resources to the states would be of great benefit to them, as it would give them more means.

The DPP standard-bearer added: “What else have I promised you? I said that the security of this country is the most important thing. Without security, education and economy cannot be developed, nor can we live in peace. No matter where you are, make sure we It is our responsibility and our commitment to keep this country safe.

“You have to believe in the PDP. Do you know why? Delta State has been a PDP since 1999. Do you see the kind of progress that Delta State has made? Isn’t that a PDP? Isn’t that a PDP? For God’s sake , why are you going to another party? You have no reason to do so.

“I committed in my five-point agenda to make sure the economy is on the high ground. Once you improve all these things, I mean you will see foreign investment pouring in, just like when the PDP was in power, we are in the process of becoming Africa The largest economies have achieved the greatest economic growth before. Isn’t that the case?

“We have no problem with foreign exchange, high inflation, scarcity of goods, prices of goods and services. Why would you go to another party that has made us suffer for the past eight years?”

He continued: “In my policy paper there will be no more ASUU strikes.

“One of the items in your favor is resource control or restructuring issues. As Niger Delta, you will benefit from this policy as we intend to devolve more power and resources to your respective states to deal with your problems, while Not waiting for the federal government to do it.”

He explained that he came to the region to thank people for their support over the years, and he said he had chosen Delta State Governor Ifeanyi Okowa as his running mate in return.

Atiku pointed out that since the position of Vice President is a stepping stone, it is the responsibility of the people of the region to strongly support their own position.

“We have come to Delta State to express our gratitude, but also to say that we are with you in every way. Because we have always been supported, especially throughout my political career from 1999 until now Delta State has never let me down, and I want to tell you that I will not betray the trust of Delta State, nor will I betray the trust of Delta State, in fact, I will not betray the trust of Delta State.

“That’s why, after years of my modest contribution to your support, I’ve decided to make one of you my running mate. As you know, a running mate is always a stepping stone. It’s your responsibility to give Governor Okowa the huge he needs Support to show the people of this country his commitment to your own future,” he added.

He thanked the Delta students who supported him as president, saying, “I want to assure you that education is on my agenda. I want to commend this young man who represents all the students in the Niger Delta for supporting our candidacy today.”

Speaking to supporters, PDP national chairperson Iyorchia Ayu explained that Okowa had been chosen as the party’s vice-presidential running mate for his achievements in office.

He said: “I came here last April and commissioned many of the projects that your governors have carried out. I was in Warri last month and it was my first two-hour boat ride. A market on the water, but this time, I commissioned a floating market in Warri, I commissioned the road and the school.

“The governor you chose, Okowa, is not your average man. He’s done a lot and we came from Abuja to see it. That’s why we chose him to be Nigeria’s next vice president.

“On Election Day, get out your PVCs so we can get 2 million votes.

“Today, I am delighted to receive so many exiles who have transferred from APC to PDP. Today, we are announcing Delta 100% PDP.”

Furthermore, Udom Emmanuel, Chairman of the PDP Presidential Candidates Committee and Governor of Akwa Ibom State, expressed confidence that when the PDP returns to power, the International Oil Companies (IOCs) that have left the Niger Delta will resume operations and the region’s economy will prosper again.

He said, “We’re not running in Delta, we’re just here to celebrate. We salute you all. You’ve shown us that you’re ready, you’re not the least of all states. You’re going to be the next vice president Elected, he will become the chairman of the National Economic Council, and through him, all IOCs will return to Warri, they will return to Delta.

“All the companies that are here, they’re gone, but your son is the next chairman of the National Economic Council, and our president, and if you can’t run, this guy knows the industry, the guy who does business a kiosk, You can’t run a multinational company, it needs someone who has managed business, education and people to run Nigeria in the situation we have today and the only ones are Atiku and Okowa from PDP.

“In those days, when you go into Warri and other areas, you see the activity of the oil companies, our area is booming because we own 50% and foreigners own 40%. So the chairman and the president will put Return all IOCs to the Niger Delta and the economy will flourish again.The entire Niger Delta region will regain its economic strength.

“I want to assure you that with our incoming president, our refineries will be running again and we will get our refineries back on line. You can imagine how many young people will be employed, and so will the students who want to do research. Benefit from it. The Niger Delta will give Atiku no less than 5 million votes.”

read from and Niri tribune

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