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Angela Hill Talks Shutting The Doubters, Wants Kowalkiewicz At MSG

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — UFC strawweight Angela Hill didn’t always decide to go her way, but at UFC San Diego, she found success Saturday night in her adopted hometown.

“The emotions are running high. I really wanted to win here, but that three-game losing streak was also the first of my career. It was really important to get out of that slide and show that I’ve been fighting the competition,” Hill told the Cageside Press and other media at her postgame rally.

She faces up-and-comer Loopy Godinez, who arrives at UFC San Diego with great support from fans around the world as well as in the city.

“Loopy is one of the toughest prospects, but she’s still a prospect. I still have that veteran experience with her and people forget what I did with the guys we all played. So I’m happy to get this win and prove that I’m still a dog in this game. To the next one,” she said.

Godines had a great first round, but Hill took over in the second and never gave up control of the game.

“I’m a better striker. Of course, my experience will play out in the next few rounds. I can see her fading, I can see her on drugs. She’s trying to put it on like a ragdoll. I threw it around so she was using a lot of energy. I do think she’s a very promising person. I don’t admit there are a lot of fighters in my weight class, but I do,” Hill said.

“When she showed up on the set and I matched her, I was like, ‘Ah, I hate this!’ Because I just wrestled in the last fight. That was a big hurdle for me.”

Hill isn’t just talking about Godines or wrestlers.

“Keep the skeptics out. Keep out everyone who thinks I’m incapable of fighting someone because they’re new to the scene and they’re the shiny new toys that everyone’s excited about. Like, Excited for me too, I’m not going anywhere.”

Hill mentioned that she was ready for a post-match interview in the cage, but she wasn’t asked about it.

“I wanted to fight Karolina Kowalkiewicz at Madison Square Garden. She was already fighting Joanna (Jedrzejczyk) there and that’s where my fighting career started. So they just started announcing fights. I hope that’s me in November next fight. Hopefully I can convince someone to let this happen,” Hill said

“Besides that, I’m ready for the next guy who thinks they can take this.”

Watch Angela Hill’s entire postgame media brawl above.


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