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Andy Gray Admits He Nearly Killed Himself In His Garden After Sky Sports Sacking

andy gray Said he became so down after being sacked by Sky Sports that he contemplated taking his own life.

gray with his longtime tv partner richard case forced out of the sky In January 2011, after being photographed making sexist remarks. Their derogatory and misogynistic remarks involved referee Sian Massey-Ellis and the health of women officiating games.

Keys is recorded as saying: “Someone better go out there and explain the offside to her (Massey),” to which Gray replied: “Yeah, I know. Do you believe it? Linewoman. Forget what I said – they probably don’t.” Know the offside rule.”

Keith went on to say: “Of course they don’t”, to which Gray responded: “Why are there female linesmen? Somebody’s so fucking good.”

Andy Gray gets emotional as he discusses the topic


talk tv)

The 66-year-old player who played for Aston Villa, wolves and Everton During his 17-year career, he was part of the backlash when a video showing the remarks was leaked. He eventually traveled to Qatar with Keys, who have been employed by beIN Sports since June 2013.

The move comes after the former Scotland international has endured a period of low thoughts, which he spoke to TalkTV’s Piers Morgan in an interview.

“I suddenly found myself in a very dark place,” he said with Keith in Doha. The room was full of people. I know I’m doing something wrong, of course I’m doing it wrong, but I can’t calculate.

“My head is missing. If it wasn’t for my wife, I don’t know what would have happened. I really don’t know. Rachel is amazing.

“I was so close to going to the garden where I used to have a pond and a little bottle and a few pills. One day I was so bad – so bad, yeah… really weird, but I’m now It’s been through.”

Andy Gray joins Richard Keys for beIN SPORTS



Gray said those thoughts were fueled by the media attention he attracted, who stood outside his home for two weeks. He added that the experience had been “terrible” and “really weird”, but said he “has come through it now” thanks to the support of his wife, family and friends.

Keith alluded to similar thoughts, adding: “You can’t explain it, and you look back now soberly, and you’re like, ‘What, come on, what were you thinking?'”

Back in 2011, Keys apologized for what he called a “prehistoric joke” that was “unacceptable in the modern world.” He later called Messi himself to apologize further.

but in an interview sporty “This is an event we should have seen coming. It was a trap, of course. But they made money out of it,” he said last year.

Gray asked Morgan if he thought the couple should lose their jobs. Morgan responded: “It’s funny, and when I look at it all again, I think everyone is overreacting because you’ve apologized too much.”

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