Amy Robach, TJ Holmes take a look at the producers of “Ellen” at a new concert

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Amy Robach and TJ Holmes Visit ‘Ellen’ Producers at a New Concert

Unemployed lovers and former “GMA3” co-hosts Amy Robach and TJ Holmes are betting their romance will give them another show.

The pair are “aggressively pitching” their own show to the producers behind “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” according to an insider, who further said they “welcome continued coverage” of their relationship.

“If they stay in the news and think they’re rock stars, it’s easier for them to perform. They’re selling their chemistry,” the source said.

The couple’s chemistry was a huge hit on ABC before they got their hands on the shoes.

A source told us that the network exec “feeds on” constant comments about how perfect they are together as live hosts.

“They absolutely believed their chemotherapy drug was going to be a hit because it was on ABC,” said the insider.

TJ Holmes and Amy Robbach.
Couples rely on their chemistry to sell the show. website

On ABC, however, a source warned, “They’ve sold brother/sister chemistry. Now they’re prostitution.”

A source close to Robach also confirmed that the duo will “put on a show a la Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos” — as they will eventually have to return to work.

“Any deal they make with ABC is not going to keep them,” the source said.

Meanwhile, Robach and Holmes prepare for a “token run” at the United Airlines Half Marathon in New York City on Sunday. We were told they would be part of the first wave of runners starting at 7am.

TJ Holmes and Amy Robbach
Robach and Holmes will run the United Airlines Half Marathon in New York on Sunday.

Last year, they played in the same race as Robach’s then-husband, Andrew Shue.

This was Holmes’ first match, and it was around this time that the relationship between the two reportedly became romantic.

However, a source close to the couple told us in November that this wasn’t the beginning of their romance.

A representative for the couple did not get back to us.

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