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Amy Grant suffers from memory loss after a bicycle accident

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Amy Grant Loses Memory After Bike Accident

Amy Grant suffered a concussion and was hospitalized in a bicycle accident in July 2022, resulting in memory loss.

“Honestly, I don’t remember what I don’t remember,” said the 62-year-old Christian Pop artist, Say E!information Saturday.

Grant went on to tell an anecdote about a recent dinner with an old high school friend that showed how much she had forgotten.

“We used to spend the night at each other’s houses. I said, ‘Excuse me, are you still with your husband? ’ – singer “Baby, Baby” said.

“She Douglas died seven years ago, it seems to be the first time I’ve heard of it!”

Amy Grant on stage holding a microphone.
The Christian pop artist said she uses a teleprompter to help her remember the lyrics.
Diversity via Getty Images

Grant also revealed that she even had trouble remembering the words to her own songs.

“I’m still using the teleprompter,” the six-time Grammy winner said during a live show at the Music Center: Los Angeles Concert Celebrating Jerry Moss. “Having one tonight. I’m having fun. I used a teleprompter on my Christmas trip.

Grant returns to tour in November 2022, just four months after the Nashville accident.

Amy Grant sat at the piano and smiled on stage.
Grant was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.
30A’s Getty Images

Breath of Heaven said that, in retrospect, he has very little recollection of the beginning of his healing process.

“My memory and stamina kept coming back. They say 12-18 months after the injury,” she explained.

Despite struggling with her health, Grant remained optimistic and said she considered the accident a “blessing”.

“I see people at the airport and they say, ‘Hey, nice to meet you!'” the “Simple Things” singer said. “I said, ‘Call me crazy. You have to tell me your name! That’s someone I know.

She then joked, “Everyone wants an excuse like that! Everyone should. Telling the truth makes life easier.”

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