Amy and Tammy Slaton both lost a lot of weight! *

Amy and Tammy Slayton’s sisterhood has been rocky for years, but they’re now living together again and they’re both losing weight.

Recently, the marital status of both sisters has changed. Tammy married in November after a quick courtship, while Amy is divorcing her husband of six years, Michael Halterman. (Curiously, Amy’s sister Amanda married and divorced Michael’s brother Jason.)

Amy lost a lot of weight after undergoing bariatric surgery a few years ago, but her progress stalled after she had two sons. Now, Amy appears to be back on track, achieving her health goals.

Not long ago, Tammy finally left rehab after initially wanting to go home a few months ago. Tammy’s siblings made her uncomfortable by sending her home while she still had a trachea because she had frequent infections and they didn’t feel they could properly care for her while she still had a trachea. Judging by recent photos, Tammy’s windpipe appears to have been removed.

She also appears to have lost a lot of weight since having bariatric surgery last year. After the surgery, Tammy spent time in rehab, which helped her lose weight. Tammy often found it easier to lose weight in rehab, but often struggled when she got home.

A major issue for the entire Slaton family is Tammy’s attitude towards her siblings and what they’ve done to help her.

She often used strong emotions such as anger and sadness to convince them that they were contributing to her unhealthy behavior. She also had a record of dating and befriending people who encouraged her to overeat, smoke and drink.

However, Tammy’s personality seems to have softened a bit since officially embarking on her weight-loss journey.

Her husband, Caleb, has similar issues. He also weighed over 700 pounds. And trach must be installed. He’s not the same as Tammy’s ex, but her family is still worried about potential problems in their relationship.

Some red flags are that Caleb came to Tammy’s rehab on purpose because she was there, and that Tammy and Caleb might engage in unhealthy behavior once they live together in the real world outside of rehab.

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